Taboo Breeding 12-Pack Vols. 1-4

by Krissy Cox

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Get volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4 of the popular series, Taboo Breeding, bundled together at a low price. That's 12 hardcore sex stories by Krissy Cox. You can't get nastier than that!

Stories Included:

  • Making a Baby with Daddy
  • Making a Baby with My Daddy and Uncle
  • Making a Baby with Daddy's Dog
  • Breeding My Virgin Daughter
  • Breeding My Drunk Niece - Part 1
  • Breeding My Drunk Niece - Part 2
  • Breeding My Twin Daughters
  • Bred by a Gorilla
  • Force Breeding My Aunt - Part 1
  • Power Breeding My Aunt - Part 2
  • Breeding My Dumb Sister 
  • Bred by Daddy's Police Dog

Making a Baby with Daddy - Jasmine Taylor’s mom can’t have any more babies. Saddened by her mom’s infertility, she agrees to carry her mom's baby at the suggestion of her dad. But when the sexy teenager realizes her dad intends to conceive the baby with her the old fashion way, Jasmine must put her objections aside for her mom and make a baby with daddy!

Making a Baby with My Daddy and Uncle - Jasmine's been helping out her infertile mother by trying to conceive a baby with her dad. So, when she hears her uncle and aunt can’t get pregnant either, Jasmine springs into action and offers to make a baby with her uncle. And since her dad is there and she has enough holes to take both men on, that’s exactly what she does.


Making a Baby with Daddy's Dog - Jasmine, the altruistic teenager, is back! After offering her lush body to her dad and then to her uncle, all in the hopes of conceiving a baby for her family, her dad’s dog, Brutus, lets it be known he wants a baby too!

Breeding My Virgin Daughter - The only man I want inside my virgin pussy is my daddy. And though he's trying his hardest to ignore my sexual advances when he finds out I’m ovulating he can’t resist pumping me full of cum!

Breeding My Drunk Niece - Part 1 - I hadn’t seen my teenage niece, Kimmy, in over a year and then I got a late-night phone call from her. Kimmy was drunk and needed a ride. I just had no idea she meant that kind of ride!

Breeding My Drunk Niece - Part 2 - David Ross walks in on his brother fucking his daughter, Kimmy. But instead of grabbing his naked daughter and leaving, Kimmy drugs her dad with a medication called, Mind Control. Now, Kimmy is primed to fulfill her fantasy of getting stuffed in both her holes by both of her favorite guys — daddy and uncle.

Breeding My Twin Daughters - Twins, Heather and Holly, plan to lose their virginities to their boyfriends tonight. That is until their daddy shows up — unannounced and uninvited but determined to claim his daughters’ holes all for himself. Good thing he knows hypnosis!

Bred by a Gorilla - Cassie Miller is about to become the first human to breed with a species outside of her own.

IXB is the latest groundbreaking drug developed at Pfizon Pharmeceuticals, and together with Cassie's young, fertile womb they will breathe life into a new species — Humapes.

Force Breeding My Aunt - Part 1 - When Ben gets frisky while comforting his distraught aunt, she slaps him hoping it will knock some sense into him. But she quickly finds out, when her nephew gets an idea in his mind, he sees it through to the end—even if it means by force.

Power Breeding My Aunt - Part 2 - Ben has just finished living out a fantasy -- breeding his sexy Aunt Barbara when his mom walks in on them. Panicked, Ben drugs his mother with Mind Control and LacPlus. Now, the night is all his to teach his judgmental, fertile and lactating mother a lesson!

Breeding My Dumb Sister - My sister is pretty dumb, but also hot…smoking hot. So, when she knocked out her front teeth walking into a glass door, thinking it was open, I convinced her my sperm had special healing properties. All she had to do to fix her teeth was coax my seed out of me.

Bred by Daddy's Police Dog - Kimmy is up to her old tricks. After getting busted for using an experimental drug called, Mind Control, to seduce her dad and uncle, she's been told in no uncertain terms, no more drugs.

So when her dad and his new police dog find more pills in Kimmy's room, he's forced to teach her lesson. He doses his daughter with the medication and together with his police dog pump her full of their potent seed.


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