My Sweet Girlfriend Fucks Our Dog

by Kimmy Hicks

My girlfriend Sadie was such a sweet, good girl...but I had always dreamed of watching sweet Sadie be taken by a big, furry dog. When I finally convinced Sadie to try some club drugs with me, I knew this would be my chance. When the drugs worked their magic and Sadie became desperately horny, she was more than willing to be filled and stretched by our big dog's knot!


"Do you want to make me happy, Sadie?" I asked her, kissing her belly.

"You know I do," she replied, looking me in the eye and spreading her legs.

I began licking her pussy, gently and slowly. She closed her eyes and relaxed.

"Do you want to try something for me tonight?" I asked her between licks, while fucking her slick pussy with two fingers. I was driving her to the edge of orgasm, which was exactly where I wanted her. I was going to drive her right to the edge and let her linger there, to the point where she would do anything to get off. That's when the magic would happen, and I'd get my wish. My cock was already aching at the thought of watching my sweet girlfriend getting fucked by our huge, furry beast of a dog. Just a little more coaxing.

I assaulted her clit with my tongue before speaking again. She moaned and arched her back, desperate to get off.

"Yes, baby, anything you want," Sadie wailed.

About the Author

Bestial delights and four-legged fun is my specialty! If cute girls being fucked like bitches and knotted by their canine lovers shocks you, then please don't read my books! Otherwise, come on in and watch the furry fantasies unfold! There will be no holding back - just as nature intended!

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