Surrogate for Daddy : Daddy’s Creampies 5

Taboo Incest Breeding

by Tori Westwood

Mommy and Daddy are desperate for another baby and I agreed to be their surrogate.  It’s weird, because I’ve never even had sex before and here I am preparing to have a baby.  The only question now is who will donate the sperm?

I decide to ask Daddy if he wants to do the honors himself and he’s shocked by the suggestion. That’s until I wear him down in typical brat fashion.  Daddy’s in control now and he’s going to teach me a lesson.  Read how he empties his cum deep inside my pussy.


He pulled my t-shirt upwards and I raised my arms above my head to help him, obscuring my view briefly.

When he pulled it up over my head I saw him again, his eyes rapt on my breasts as gravity claimed them and they swayed invitingly in front of him.

“Oh, Evie,” he sighed and then he moved his head quickly towards them.

Before I knew it his tongue was circling around the stiff studs that darted out from each breast and I was drawing in air through clenched teeth, trying—and failing—to keep my composure.

He sucked hard on my tits and my clit stiffened as my body prepared itself.  My days of virginity were fast drawing to a close and the thought of Daddy’s dick piercing me open was becoming more real with each passing second.

“You want this?” he asked, stepping back and pulling his t-shirt over his head.

“I want it, Daddy,” I said, my eye-lids loose and drunk with lust.


“Come and get it,” he said.  “Come and get Daddy’s big cock.”

Before the words had left his lips I’d dropped to me knees, scrambling at his belt in desperation as though I hadn’t eaten for weeks and a hearty meal was close at hand.

I pulled his belt free of the loops and unfastened it, popping open the button of his fly and tearing down the zip as quickly as I could.

Before the final reveal I took a deep breath and composed myself, looking up into Daddy’s eyes that were staring down at me expectantly.

“That’s right,” he encouraged, smoothing the hair from my face.  “Pull it out.”

I reached inside as my lips pursed closed and I immediately found what I was looking for.  It felt warm and thick against the tips of my fingers but I couldn’t get a good hold of it.

Instead I tugged at his pants, dragging them down until his big cock sprang free, and when it did I leaned back in shock as I took it in for the first time.

Daddy’s cock was huge and as it swayed close to my face I wondered if I’d be able to take all of him inside me.

“Daddy!” I gasped, gripping it in a hand and struggling to close my grip around it.

My eyes were wide and I looked up at him and shook my head.

“Think you can fit it in your mouth?”

I looked at it again and then back at him.  “I think I’d like to try.”


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