Suckled Daughters 24-Pack : Books 1 to 24

by Millie King

Book Cover: Suckled Daughters 24-Pack : Books 1 to 24
Part of the Suckled Daughters series:

The Suckled Daughters 24-pack collection features feisty Daddies feasting on the bounteous breasts of their daughters in good, old-fashioned, lactation fun!  Read how naughty the pair can get in books 1-24 of the series!

Stories include : ‘Farmer Daddy’s Prize Milk,’ ‘Holy Cow,’ ‘Daddy’s Magical Latte,’ ‘Training My Tits,’ ’21 or Bust,’ ‘The Milkiest Showgirl,’ ‘Clean-Up In The Dairy Aisle,’ ‘Ice-Cream Fundae,’ ‘Sin On Splash Canyon,’ ‘Sexorcism,’ ‘Lacto-Park,’ ‘Daddy’s Secret Milking Rack,’ ‘Daddy’s Secret Milking Rack 2,’ ‘Bound And Satisfied,’ ‘Daddy Sucked My Tits Before The Show,’ ‘My Tit-Milk For Free,’ ‘Coffee Liqueur,’ ‘Milk Trading,’ ‘More Milk Minister,’ ‘Daddy’s Raffle Ticket,’ ‘Drinking My Nectar,’ ‘Draining My Milk,’ ‘My Dripping Tits Gave Me Away’ and ‘Lacto-Tolerant.’


“You’re not joining me?”

“Your Mom would kill me,” Daddy said.

“I wanna see what’s inside.”

“Okay,” Daddy said.  “I’ll meet you out here after?”


I walked off towards the women’s entrance.

“Enjoy,” he waved.

I turned to walk inside and a giggling, big-breasted blonde stumbled out.  “You’re gonna love it,” she laughed.

I was more than a little intrigued.  As I stepped inside I noticed it wasn’t unlike a women’s restroom.  There were stalls on one side running the length of the room and mirrors were on the wall opposite with basins in front of them.  Unlike a women’s bathroom, though, I could hear the sensual, unmistakably sexual moans from the people in the stalls.  Women’s heady sighs and men’s groans filled the place.  It sounded like a brothel.


Gosh, it was so naughty, but still I found myself intrigued.  I moved down the row of stalls, checking the locks until I found a green one.

I opened the door and inside there were two holes ahead of me at chest-height.  Another hole sat below, nearer waist-level.  It looked like the whole wall was adjustable.

“My God,” I whispered.  It was like a glory-hole but for tits.  I moved forwards and set my breasts in the holes, trying out the fit.

I adjusted the walls a little and then suddenly I felt a suck on my tits.  I recoiled backwards in shock.  For whatever reason I wasn’t expecting that.  I could see the sensual lips of a guy in the stall opposite.

“Sorry,” I said nervously.  “You caught me by surprise.”

“That’s alright,” the voice replied, and it was quite obviously Daddy.  I didn’t say anything.  I thought that if I acknowledged that it was him the fun might stop there.

“Think I can carry on?” he asked, and he wore a naughty smirk.

“I don’t see a problem with that.”

I put my tits back to the hole, resting them on the cool wood.  This time I felt a hand fondle them.  Around me women groaned and moaned, doing God-knows-what in their own stalls.

“That’s good,” I whined, looking up at the ceiling.

I felt his stubble against me as he rubbed his face to my tits, then I felt his mouth again clamp over the nipple.  I focused on my breasts again and fired a warm jet of cream into him.  I could hear his appreciative hum come from the men’s stall opposite, along with gulping as he swallowed down my nectar.

“It’s so sweet,” he said, and then his mouth raced back on to the flow.

I closed my eyes and pictured him on the other side of the stall.  I could imagine his serene face as he sucked on me, his eyes closed and his mouth working hard to draw the nectar from me.

I pumped it into him lovingly, feeling a bond between us grow.  Along with that I felt a unique kind of power, as though I was a giver-of-life.

I listened to his groans as I fed him.  I could hear too the jangling of a belt-buckle, mingled with the heady cries from the adjacent stalls.  Everyone in there was having fun, and I’d be damned if I wasn’t going to join them.

I moved my hand down to my jeans, pushing against the crotch.  I could feel the warmth from my pussy below as the blood rushed to it.

I felt something against my hand and pulled back to look down, doing an immediate double-take.  I could scarcely believe it, but it was there as clear as day.  Daddy’s hard cock was venturing from his stall into mine, and it looked delicious.

“Oh my,” I cooed.

I looked to the hole where my tits had been and saw Daddy’s chest in its place.  His navy-blue t-shirt really gave the game away that it was him, if it wasn’t already obvious.

“Is that for me?” I asked.

“If you want it,” he said and his cock bounced as though he was shaking it.


About the Author

Millie King writes naughty lactation erotica that'll leave you dripping, along with the main character!

Dominant men drain younger woman of their nectar, guzzling down their cream while getting harder and harder by the second until they have to get drained themselves!

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