Submitting to the Stallion

by Studly Stallion

The two 18-year-old twins, Rhonda and Melinda brought home a large, pinto stallion. Their mother was reluctant to keep him until she met him. See, this stallion had a secret. A secret that the three women found impossible to resist.


For some strange reason, all she wanted to do was to keep this horse. To do whatever he wanted. He was so handsome and her inner fire stirred between her legs. She couldn't understand why, though. He wasn't a man.

She hadn't had a man in so long that dirty thoughts danced in her head to remind her of what it was like, promising untold pleasure.

She was trembling so hard as she walked toward the stallion. Suddenly and with great abandon, she threw her clothes off, exposing her slender, nude body to his avid gaze.

The daughters laughed and shed their clothes like their mother as they approached their new master. They knew that their mother couldn't resist his mental control over them. That's why they begged her to see him.

You want me. His thoughts overwhelmed hers as she submitted to his deep mental voice.

"We can keep him," She said robotically as she realized he was in charge. Gloria was so thrilled, that she would do anything for him.


The girls squealed and clapped their hands as they approached him with her mother.


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