Stuffing My 3 Sister’s Cunts With My Dominant Seed

by Amber FoxxFire

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Witches? In my house? Not on my watch!

I had busted in on my 3 big-breasted sisters casting spells and performing weird rituals in our basement. This couldn’t stand!

Mom had forbidden us to ever enter that room.

But Becky, Trish and Joan had other ideas. They were so frantic that I keep their secret that they allowed themselves to be blackmailed.

My three hot sisters would do ANYTHING!


It was Halloween night and mom was out of town, leaving me and my three annoying sisters alone in our large house. I don't know why, but the three bitches were inseparable. They went everywhere together.

Tonight was no different.

Tired of handing out candy, I flicked out the lights, scarfed down the remaining Snickers and headed downstairs for bed. When an odd, flickering light spilling out from under the basement door caught my attention.

What the hell?

I figured Becky, Trish and Joan were upstairs in their shared bedroom. But, no, apparently they were down in the basement.


That intrigued me. Mom had made it perfectly clear that the basement was completely forbidden. None of us knew why it was so forbidden and we'd had many late-night discussions about it, but none of us had ever been brave enough to find out.


Thoughts of getting my sisters into trouble for crossing the BIG, RED line danced seductively in my head. Mom was going to be so pissed!

As I drew nearer to the door, I could hear faint murmurings. Pressing my ear carefully against the old wood, I heard my three sisters chanting. Wait, two were chanting and one sounded like she was calling forth a spell.

What the fucking fuck?

A shiver raced through my body as I suddenly wondered what weird shit they were getting up to. I looked in through the keyhole and saw something that blew me away.

All three sisters were in their birthday suits. Completely naked.

My heart pounded in my chest and my cock twitched suddenly to life. I watched for a moment as they stood around some flickering candles arranged in a weird pattern on the ground. The flames danced and swayed with the movements of my naked sisters' bodies.

18-year-old red-headed Becky, the youngest - but somehow smartest - of the group was solemnly reading something from a hefty, musty tome she held in her tiny hands. 19-year-old blonde Trish and 23-year-old black-haired Joan had their lips pressed together, chanting with their eyes closed.

What the fuck was going on?

With the ambient light, I quickly glanced around the room and saw shelves upon shelves of what looked like ancient tomes and off in the corner looked to be some kind of ancient chemistry station.


The word flitted across my vision and I suddenly became angry. Were my sisters practicing witchcraft? Now I knew why mom had forbidden us down here. She was probably a witch too!

I balled my fists and just as Becky was about to cast the spell they'd been concocting for the last several minutes, I burst in upon them.

"Aha! Caught you! What the fuck do you think you bitches are doing?" I saw red as the three girls scrambled to cover themselves.


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