Studded By The Wild Mustang

by Studly Stallion

Stalking Red, the wild stallion, with her camera, Claire was sure to get a good shot of him!

Just as she was about to take her shot, she saw several cowboys spot him and give chase. Her heart thundered in her chest as they chased him down.

But somehow, someway, he escaped. Or so she thought.

When the cowboy’s trotted off, he appeared to her.

Claire got her pictures. And much more!


Claire halted when she heard the high-pitched scream of a stallion. Scanning the area she couldn't see the wild horse, through she'd heard him.

With a sigh, she put her camera down. The young 18-year-old wanted to photograph the wild mustang, whom she'd named Red.

He dashed across the plains so wild and free with his mane streaming through the wind. Her heart soared when she caught sight of the magnificent stallion. She froze when when she saw the cowboys chasing the red stallion.

She had to save him!

The red roan raced up the hill to where she was. He halted in front of her and reared up, then bounded away up the hillside. He raced up the slope and before he reached the top, he was gone, as if he had vanished by magic.

The cowboys halted their horses in front of her. One got off his horse and walked toward her.

"Where did he go? He just vanished before he got to the top of that hill." The cowboy pointed to the hilltop.


"I don't know. I saw him disappear, but I don't know how he did it." Claire said, wondering how the stallion had vanished before their eyes.

The cowboys grumbled as they turned their horses around and left. Claire stayed there, wondering how he'd pulled off that stunt. Maybe he was a magical horse. She giggled at that thought.

Once they were gone, she heard the stallion's cry and looked up and saw he was there.


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