Studded By The Stallion

by Studly Stallion

Defeated by the stronger stallion, Thor thought it would be another year before he would find a mate to satisfy his bestial lust. But luck was upon him. He stumbled upon two very hot, 18-year-old ladies bathing at a river.

Maybe he could find a way to entice these horny, fertile woman-mares to take his seed.


His loins ached and he knew that they were his. He'd fuck them and brand them his mares. That they weren't equines mattered not to him. He was that horny.

"Melody, we have a visitor." Jane said, looking at the magnificent stallion.

Melody gazed upon the horse that was sniffing their clothes. She giggled at the sight of a horse smelling her panties.

"Maybe...we have our stud." Melody gave her friend a mischievous grin.

"What are you...?" Jane gazed at her friend with astonishment in her eyes, when she figured out what Melody was referring to. She let a giggle escape from her lips. This was so absurd.

Melody nodded. The young 18-year-old woman left the water and slowly approached the stallion.

"Can a stallion knock you up?" Jane said unconsciously rubbing her belly as she swam to the shore.

Melody giggled. That thought tickled her funny bone. They were about to find out.

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