Stallion Sex 3-Pack Vol 6

by Studly Stallion

These hot & horny women get taken advantage of by studly stallions with hung cocks that put any man to shame. Follow along as these women go on the rides of their lives.

Stories Included:

* Daddy, I Fucked A Horse & Now I'm Pregnant!
* Taking My Stallion Deep In My Tight, Hot Cunt
* Mind-Controlled & Broken By The Stallion



* Daddy, I Fucked A Horse & Now I'm Pregnant!

Roger got the surprise of his life when he found out that his 18-year-old daughter had been knocked up by his horse.

Surely, she was jesting.

But when she disrobed for his stallion, he felt something stir in his loins. Now he was going to have to show her who was really in charge.


* Taking My Stallion Deep In My Tight, Hot Cunt

Wondering where her stallion ran off to every morning, Nancy followed him and found him grazing contentedly in the neighbor’s field.

But there was something else Nighthawk wanted: Nancy’s tight, virgin cunt. And he was bound and determined to get it.

Would she let him? Did she have a choice?


* Mind-Controlled & Broken By The Stallion

Loki. With a name like that, you'd expect greatness. And the largest, most powerful stallion to ever grace the world, delivered.


I'd rescued the poor, nearly dead foal from an evil, dark unicorn and had taken him in and given him shelter.

Everything was fine until one day he devoured my mind-control treats and showed me his true intentions.

Now I feared for my life… But it wasn’t my life he wanted.


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