Stallion Sex 3-Pack Vol 3

by Studly Stallion

These hot & horny women get taken advantage of by studly stallions with hung cocks that put any man to shame. Follow along as these women go on the rides of their lives.

Stories Included:

* Ravaged By The Centaur
* Gangbanged By The Wild Stallions
* Broken By The Wild Stallion


* Ravaged By The Centaur

Saving an 18-year-old virgin from a Minotaur’s clutches is hard, exhausting work. Fortunately, Fury the Centaur’s wife knows just what he needs…

Perhaps another brood-mare for his herd? Can this lustful stallion satisfy two women’s needs at the same time?

(Of course he can! He’s a stallion!)

* Gangbanged By The Wild Stallions

The horny, wild stallions came upon a sight that set their loins on fire. A hot, horny, fertile woman naked and ready for their massive cocks. She’s more than ready to take them all on - at the same time!

But what happens when her friend - the preacher’s daughter - stumbles upon their bestial tryst?

* Broken By The Wild Stallion

Stranded in the middle of the night on a stretch of deserted road, Jane did the only thing she could: started walking.


Little did she know that she was being watched. Watched by a very dominant, powerful and horny stallion who wasn’t going to stop until he raped her and took her into his herd.


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