Stallion Sex 3-Pack Vol 1

by Studly Stallion

These hot & horny women get taken advantage of by studly stallions with hung cocks that put any man to shame. Follow along as these women go on the rides of their lives.

Stories Included:

* Submitting to the Stallion
* Mind Controlled By The Stallion
* Studded By The Stallion


* Submitting to the Stallion

The two 18-year-old twins, Rhonda and Melinda brought home a large, pinto stallion. Their mother was reluctant to keep him until she met him. See, this stallion had a secret. A secret that the three women found impossible to resist.

* Mind Controlled By The Stallion

Sitting in her favorite picnic spot, Wanda was getting ready to eat her lunch when she heard a large horse near her. Panic rose in her chest as bits and pieces of memory flooded back to her. Memories of things the stallion did to her while under his control.

And memories of what the stallion was going to do to her again.

* Studded By The Stallion

Defeated by the stronger stallion, Thor thought it would be another year before he would find a mate to satisfy his bestial lust. But luck was upon him. He stumbled upon two very hot, 18-year-old ladies bathing at a river.


Maybe he could find a way to entice these horny, fertile woman-mares to take his seed.


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