Split Open My Asshole, Honey : Anal Mothers 9

by Tori Westwood

My Catholic son, Cory thinks I’m his girlfriend as he talks to me through the bathroom door.  He tells me he’s going to do all kinds of naughty things to me but confesses he’s still a virgin.  When he tells me that fucking my ass will mean he gets to keep his virginity I start to get impossibly excited.

By the time I reveal it’s me we’re both ready to fuck.  I don’t care that he’s my son, I want his hot cock in my asshole and I want it now!


He kissed me back and let out a whimper as my hand pushed over his thickness, feeling it out in his jogging pants.

I pulled back off his lips and saw that exact same look of shock again.

“Where’s Shelley?” he asked.

“She’s gone,” I said, rubbing over him softly.  “It’s just you and me.”

He swallowed hard.  “You heard all that?”

“Every word,” I said.

“Mom I—”

“You’re still a virgin,” I smiled, quietly proud.  “Mommy can help you.”

He looked confused.  “Help me do what?”

“Do exactly what you described,” I said, kissing his neck.

“You—you mean, doing it in the …”

“In the ass,” I snarled, kissing his mouth.  “I want to do everything you just said.”

Cory was rightly taking a while to unravel things.

“But you’re my Mom, Mom!”


“So what,” I said, kissing his mouth and feeling the arousal override my judgment.  “Don’t you want it?”

I pushed my hand down the front of his pants and found that thick slab of flesh.

“It feels like you want it,” I smirked.

Cory was tense, breathing steadily and closing his eyes as my hand jerked slowly along his length.

“You want it, don’t you?” I breathed.

“I do,” he said softly, admitting the sinful urge.  “I do want it, Mom.”

My hand moved faster.  “Good,” I said, kissing his mouth as his eyes stayed closed.  “Because Mommy’s going to give it to you.”

I kissed down off his face and onto his neck, biting at his t-shirt as I sank further down his body.  I kissed and bit my way down with deep breaths, keeping up the intensity.

Cory pushed back against the door and looked down with tense intrigue.  I knelt beneath him and looked up in his face, giving a little smirk that broke the look of shock on his face.  He let out a smile.

I moved my face forwards and bit gently at the rod of flesh that his jogging pants covered, then I slowly began to unfasten the lace at his waist.

His cock twitched and I dragged down his pants, marveling as the forbidden flesh rolled out over the top and I caught my first sight of it.

“Oh, Cory,” I said softly, immediately falling in love with his cock.

It was smooth and clean-cut, looking unblemished and fresh.  The blood pumped into it fiercely, causing it to bob in front of me as though it was a lure that had snared a fish.


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