Spankings by Daddy – 4 Pack Bundle

Daddy-Daughter Virgin Sex Spanking Consensual Taboo Incest Erotica Bundle

by Taboo Pleasure

Sometimes, a daddy needs to punish his daughter by giving her a spanking she’ll never forget. Sometimes, his daughter wants it even harder than that…Spanked by Daddy is a four-story bundle about fathers and daughters who don’t care what society says and are willing to do whatever possible to fulfill their taboo spanking desires.

This bundle includes these four stories at a 42% discount:

  • Spanked by Daddy
  • Daddy, Please Spank Me
  • Daddy Spanked Me Good
  • Dirty Daddy, Nasty Daughter

“But Daddy, you don’t need to be so violent.”

What?? I stopped cold in my tracks.

“Do you realize what I am saying?” I asked her. She couldn’t possibly understand.

She took off her top and batted those big ol’ eyes at me.

“You really want Daddy to screw you??” I was almost lost. If it hadn’t been for my raging hard-on, I would’ve been seriously confused. Brook had the hots for me, her old man.

“Daddy…” she purred, “I want you to punish me. I’ve been a very naughty little girl,” she said with a saucy wink.

“How rough do you want it?” I asked.

“Real rough. Treat me like a dirty, low-down, no-good whore.”

About the Author

Hi! I write sexy incest and bestiality stories under the naughty name of Taboo Pleasure. I hope you enjoy reading about my taboo desires - check back often for new family fantasies.

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