Spanked by Daddy

BDSM Daddy-Daughter Virgin Spanking Rough Sex Incest Erotica

by Taboo Pleasure

The only way I make it through the day is the thought of coming home to my baby girl, Brook. She takes such good care of me and I really shouldn’t want more, but with her tight little rear end and perky chest, I can’t help but want more. Watching her shake it while she cooked dinner, I lost it.

It was a real surprise, though, when she revealed that she wanted to have sex, and she asked for it rough.


“But Daddy, you don’t need to be so violent.”

What?? I stopped cold in my tracks.

“Do you realize what I am saying?” I asked her. She couldn’t possibly understand.

She took off her top and batted those big ol’ eyes at me.

“You really want Daddy to screw you??” I was almost lost. If it hadn’t been for my raging hard-on, I would’ve been seriously confused. Brook had the hots for me, her old man.

“Daddy…” she purred, “I want you to punish me. I’ve been a very naughty little girl,” she said with a saucy wink.

“How rough do you want it?” I asked.

“Real rough. Treat me like a dirty, low-down, no-good whore.”

About the Author

Hi! I write sexy incest and bestiality stories under the naughty name of Taboo Pleasure. I hope you enjoy reading about my taboo desires - check back often for new family fantasies.

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