My Son Came Inside Me : Sinful Mothers 7

Taboo Virgin Mother Son Incest

by Tori Westwood

It’s late at night and my son asks me to pick him up from the bar where he works, but I’m so comfortable in my night-dress that I don’t bother changing.
His friends ogle me and I realize I’ve put Jayden in a tough spot. Back at home I go into his room to apologize and catch him jerking off to an older woman on his laptop. What’s more, he has a finger right up his asshole while he’s doing it.
I quickly take control of the situation and soon the finger inside Jayden’s ass is my own. But I don’t just want that. Read how I put his young, virginal cock inside me and work him towards a creamy climax that sees him finish inside my mature pussy.


“Do you like older women?” I asked, flicking my eyes to him before putting them back on the screen.

“I guess,” he said, still squirming.

“And you like a finger in your ass?” I said, opening my legs just a little as my pussy began to call out for attention.

He was less quick to answer this question.

“It’s okay,” I said. “We all like different things.”

“Uh-huh,” he nodded, his face a red hue.

“What about an older woman putting a finger in your ass?” I teased, smiling as I drew my lips over my teeth and pursed them.

Jayden said nothing. I could feel his legs moving beneath the duvet and guessed that his erection was still raging beneath the surface.


“Can Mommy do that for you?” I asked eventually, turning away from the laptop and looking in his eyes to show him I was serious.

“You—your finger?” he stammered.

I nodded. “Mommy’s finger in your ass.”

His breathing escalated and he looked left and right as if searching for an escape.

My hand crept below the duvet and Jayden’s knuckles turned white as he gripped at the bed sheets.

“Mom, I—”

“Shhh, Jayden,” I said, putting a finger to my lips. “Mommy’s got you.”

I really did want to help him out. I know how frustrating it can be not to climax and secretly I think Jayden wanted this and was scared to admit it.

I found his cock just as hard as before and curled my experienced fingers around it, feeling it twitch in my grasp as Jayden gasped and rose up on his bed.

“Let Mommy take care of you,” I said, pulling the duvet off him to reveal that innocent cock of his all over again.

“Nobody’s ever—I’ve never—”

“I know, honey,” I said over his stuttering. “You’re a virgin.”

He seemed surprised that I knew, but I think at my age you can just spot the signs if you look for them. Jayden was hardly ever out of the house besides his work at the bar and he’d never brought a girl over. I knew he wasn’t gay, but the finger in the ass still surprised me a little.

“Just relax,” I said, pushing him so he lay on his back again. “Mommy’s got this.”


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