Slide it in My Ass, Darling : Anal Mothers 6

by Tori Westwood

That feeling … that unique, sinful feeling.  I’d done it to myself enough times but now I was yearning to have someone do it to me instead.  A finger in my ass felt amazing, so I could only imagine what a big, stiff cock would feel like.  Who better to help than my darling son Adam who was eager to fuck anything he could.

Let Mommy open her asshole for you and slide yourself inside for the first time.


“I didn’t think you’d be … naked,” I lied, still not ready to turn my eyes away.

Adam didn’t seem preoccupied by it either.  His fist gripped his cock as he stared across at me and it showed no sign of calming down.  In fact he seemed to grip it tighter, causing the veins that coursed up it to bulge and the head to grow larger.

There was a silence between us now.  Adam watched as I breathed heavily, in the process of transforming my emotions from anger to arousal.  I couldn’t deny how hot he looked, bathed in the half-light and naked.

I watched as his eyes scanned over my tits, covered only in my loose-fitting tank-top that hung down over my panties.

“What are you watching,” I asked curiously, looking to the laptop that sat beside him.

He pressed play on the video and the sound of a woman moaning started to fill the room.

“This,” he said, turning the laptop slightly towards me.


I walked a step closer to the bed and moved my head around to view the screen.  My face turned to shock when I realized it was the exact same video I’d been enjoying next door.  I felt my stomach flutter mysteriously.  Was this fate?

“You won’t believe this,” I said, biting my lip and looking to him.


“I was watching the exact same thing,” I said, letting out a nervous giggle.

Adam laughed too but there seemed to be an excitement that came with it.  His hand jerked his cock slowly, stopping when it caught my attention.

“You—you like that?” Adam asked.  “You like … anal?”

I don’t know what was possessing me now, but it felt almost like a moment of bonding.  I sat on the bed and took a better look at the video, turning the screen towards me.

“I love it,” I enthused.  “Look how much she’s enjoying it.”

We both stopped and admired her, watching the video and sharing the strangest mother-and-son moment that I’ve ever heard of.

“That’s what I like,” I said, pointing to the screen as the naked male actor slipped one of his fingers inside her wet ass.

“Have you ever …”

“Never,” I said, flashing my eyes to his.  “Never.”

Adam smirked and passed his fist along his cock for a second time.  The fact he was still as stiff as when I entered had started to get me curious.

“Is there anything I can help with,” I asked, putting both feet on the bed a sidling up beside him.

“Anything I can help you with?” he asked with a wry smile.  We both laughed as it dawned on us that we were looking for the same thing.

“There’s something I’d like you to do for me,” I said, and I moved to drape my mature body over him.

Adam moved the laptop off the bed and sat back up, putting his face only inches away from mine and looking down his nose at me.

“What is it?” he said.

My hand moved to his chest and I turned it down, creeping slowly towards his forbidden package.

“Fuck … my … ass,” I said slowly, and as the words left me I took hold of his thick cock and gripped it hard.


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