Sleeping Beauty’s Choice

by Margot Devine

Rosamund is given her sinful fate one day from a Woodland Witch, but her best friend Delilah has instructed the Witch to lie.  Rosamund is told the love of her life will awaken her, so when Delilah kisses the sleeping beauty as she rests in the forest, Rosamund is left confused.

Unbeknownst to either of them, The Witch has already fated Rosamund to another: Prince Charming.  He happens upon Rosamund’s woodland snooze just in time to catch Delilah taking his place on the lips of his would-be-lover.

From a spot in the nearby bushes the Prince watches as the pair consummate their love before he intervenes.  Overcome with lust he has his way with the pair of them, leaving Delilah to confess her ruse.  Who will Rosamund choose?


“Oh, Delilah,” the beauty called, tossing her head left and right.

Her flame hair lay strewn across the grass as she pushed her pelvis up towards her friend’s mouth.

Delilah held on tight, gripping at the lovely bare bottom of her maiden and feasting on the creamy escaping juices of her sex.

“Yes!” Delilah groaned, sucking and nibbling wildly on her lover’s petals.

Just as the climax was at its peak the forest seemed to come alive.  Delilah paid no mind until it was impossible to do otherwise.

The noise of the bushes grew louder and then a voice cut through the scene.

“It is but one life to live,” it called, and Delilah and Rosamund turned to stare as they saw the face of Prince Charming, staring at the two lovers.  They gasped in unison.


It took more than a moment for either of them to notice what else was on show.  So smitten by the image of the Prince were they, that they hadn’t even noticed the huge, hard cock that jutted out from the gap in his riding-pants.

“Prince Charming,” Rosamund swooned.

Delilah was equally surprised.  Finally her eyes rested on the engorged length that lay out from his body like a welcoming draw-bridge.

Prince Charming,” she echoed.

Rosamund looked down too, seeing the Prince’s uncovered cock.  She felt something different now.  The sleeping beauty had thought she knew lust, but now she was realizing that Delilah had given her but a taste of it.

“You should join us, fair Prince,” Rosamund declared.

Delilah was gob-smacked.

“How long have you been in hiding, sire?” Delilah asked.

“I saw the whole thing.”

He stepped out from the bushes and stood over the pair, looking down on each of them expectantly.  Delilah and Rosamund knew what was to be done.  They knew they might only ever get one chance.

“Let us tend to you, my Prince,” the sleeping beauty offered submissively.

“Tend away,” he said, shaking his cock invitingly.

Rosamund didn’t need a second’s prompting.  She lunged for the cock as though it wasn’t the first one she’d sucked.  Delilah watched in awe as her friend thrust it into her mouth with careless aplomb.  This kind of sex seemed much more familiar to her.

“Take up your skirt, fair maiden,” the Prince said, directing his request to Delilah.

She did as order, splaying herself on the grass for the future King to enjoy.  Rosamund ran her mouth over his cock, sloshing it between her lips and rifling the barrel with a tight grip.

Delilah played second-fiddle.  She lay on her back and hoisted up her skirt, giving the Prince the view her craved.

He stared down and groaned as Delilah’s delightful pussy was revealed to him, framed in black hair that was tamed in a triangle above her meandering lips.

“Look at that, fair maiden,” Prince Charming called.

Rosamund took her mouth from his phallus and turned back to see her friend spread wide.  Delilah felt a spark of excitement as Rosamund cast her eyes over her body, moving down from her exposed, plump tits and settling on the glistening crease that yearned to be toyed with.

“Play with it for us,” Prince Charming said.

Suddenly Delilah’s fantasy was waylaid.  Where before she thought herself the main event, now she played substitute to what fast-appeared to be Rosamund’s true desire.


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