Sleeping Beauty’s Choice (Audiobook)

by Margot Devine

Rosamund is given her sinful fate one day from a Woodland Witch, but her best friend Delilah has instructed the Witch to lie.  Rosamund is told the love of her life will awaken her, so when Delilah kisses the sleeping beauty as she rests in the forest, Rosamund is left confused.

Unbeknownst to either of them, The Witch has already fated Rosamund to another: Prince Charming.  He happens upon Rosamund’s woodland snooze just in time to catch Delilah taking his place on the lips of his would-be-lover.

From a spot in the nearby bushes the Prince watches as the pair consummate their love before he intervenes.  Overcome with lust he has his way with the pair of them, leaving Delilah to confess her ruse.  Who will Rosamund choose?

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