Sleep Sex With My Virgin Daughter

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by Amber FoxxFire

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My hot, horny virgin 18-year-old daughter had been teasing me out of my mind with her tight, skimpy outfits. I don’t know if she was doing it on purpose or was just clueless, but I simply couldn’t take it any more.

I waited until she was fast asleep in her room, then I rubbed some of my “sleeping cream” on her, then had my way with her. She never knew.


Oh fuck, her breasts were mine for the taking. I pulled her shirt down to reveal her hidden nipples and rubbed my dripping red cock over it gingerly. Her slutty nipples went hard from my touch.

"That's right, realize who's cock this is and get hard for daddy."

Her nipple stood in attention and bumps raised around her areolas. I grabbed her tit and worked my cock harder onto it, fucking her breast like a pussy almost.

Then I took it and slapped it all over her breasts.

"That's right. Ahh, take daddy's big cock," I moaned, closing my eyes and holding my head back.

My cock twitched and I knew it was time for a little oral action.

Switching positions, I hovered over her face and tea bagged her a little.

"Such small fragile lips feel so good on these balls."

I took the head of my cock and smeared it around her mouth and parted it for some entry.


Her tongue was warm and her mouth was slick. It was almost like I was fucking genuine pussy. My cock grew harder.

The urge was undeniable now. I had to fuck her. And fuck her the right way, using her actual pussy.


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