Six Inches Cramming

FemDom Pegging BDSM Dominatrix Erotica

by Reagan Snow

Six Inches Cramming - FemDom Pegging BDSM Dominatrix Erotica

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true Domme gave to me…

Wait, what do you give the sub who has everything?

It is very impolite for a sub to ignore a gift from their domme, especially when that gift is the chance to trade positions.

John is normally in charge in the bedroom, but last Christmas, he gave his submissive wife Sara a coupon that granted her the opportunity to call the shots for one night. With Christmas quickly approaching and no indication that Sara even recalled his generosity, he decides to remind his slave about it and teach her a lesson about expressing gratitude.

But reminding her may not work out the way he had planned.

Sara uses the coupon to give John a six-inch long Christmas present and a new outlook on the domme/sub dynamic of their relationship.

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Tonight had started out so well. John was in the mood to be “cruel”; he had sent me a string of text messages throughout the day. He liked shorter texts that were spaced out because we both knew that distracting me piece by piece all day long would have me especially worked up by the time I got home.

The messages came in one at a time every 15 minutes, all day long. By the time I was ready to head home, I had full instructions to be wearing the leather corset, matching panties, fishnet stockings, black high heels, and restraint cuffs when he arrived.

About the Author

I grew up in a small Northwestern town where no one talked about the dark thrills that live in the hidden corners of their minds.

While it may not be polite to talk about those dark desires, it is fun to write about those dark dreams. That is exactly why my wife, Indica Snow, and I write stories both independently and together.

I enjoy exploring the recesses of the attic of my mind and let that curiosity take me wherever it may lead, from a hot wife getting more than she can find at home to a billionaire taking advantage of his wealth…you never know what may come next.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I have written as much as I enjoyed writing down what my imagination has created.

Happy reading,


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