My Sister, My Cum Slave

by Amber FoxxFire

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Will wanted to fuck his sister, Rita, more than anything in the world. But taking her and popping her cherry wasn’t enough. He wanted to own her. He wanted to completely control her every move. Fortunately, he had a friend who knew of an amulet. Once wrapped around Rita’s neck, she would obey his every command. She would be his to control and there would be nothing she could do to stop it. Nothing.


“Of course I want your cock, I want your seed deep in me, brother, only your cock can ever fuck my pussy, no one but you has the right to fuck me, I’m all yours forever and always!” She exclaimed.

Will felt his cock tingle, it ached deeply hearing his 18-year-old, sexy sister say those words to him. He might have had to influence her to think properly, but now that she was thinking like she needed to, he could finally be happy.

He was going to take her virginity and with it complete the ritual. All he needed to was cum one time in her and she would forever be his. Once his seed filled her pussy, she would forever love him, forever be his. Even without the amulet.


He reached down and grabbed the base of his cock, sliding himself up towards Rita. He smacked the head of his cock on her soft lips. Then he looked at her and continued teasing them, spanking those perfect, kissable lips with the tip of his cock as he let the lust wash over him and take him over.
“Make me feel good, tease my cock with your mouth, sis,” he commanded.

Responding instantly to his command, she opened her mouth and let the tip slide in. It went in so easy and he could feel that tongue press against his soft cock head. It felt so right that it was his sister giving him this blow job and not someone else.

Her mouth became wetter as she let inch after inch of his cock inside. He watched the first three inches go in and her lips looked very plump around the base as she took it in. He was seven inches so he had plenty more to give, but he just loved pushing his hips and slowly grinding his cock in and out and letting her tongue rub against the underside of his cock.


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