Sick Father Steals Daughter’s Innocence

by Amber FoxxFire

Abby’s pretty, dark-brown gaze was glued to the huge IMAX cinema screen, but mine was glued to her.

She looked so cute getting all excited by the movie I took her along to see.

Each time there was a scary part she would flinch before leaning into me for comfort, and each time there was a funny part her cute little button nose would crinkle in amusement and her perfect red lips would pull into the most stunning of smiles.

It was her 19th birthday and I promised her that I’d spend the whole day with her doing whatever she wanted.

Cinema, bowling, food, and a no expenses spared shopping trip at the mall. Nothing was off limits for my lovely daughter today.

I had spent months working too hard, sacrificing crucial family time, so I wanted to spend some real quality time with her.

And now that she was 19, and a curvy brunette who could turn the head of any guy who passed by, I had another reason to hang out with her…

I wanted her.

And with my newly acquired Free Use powers — tried and tested out on a raven-haired beauty who I briefly bumped into at the gym and fucked soon after in the changing rooms — I’d be giving my daughter a birthday gift she’d never forget!

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