Sexorcism : Suckled Daughters 10

by Millie King

Book Cover: Sexorcism : Suckled Daughters 10
Part of the Suckled Daughters series:

I felt possessed by something that was making me behave in ways I’d never known.  I was ten-times hornier than normal and my chest felt as though it was filled to the brim.  Daddy and Uncle Ian perform their very own exorcism on me, banishing the evil spirit.  It leaves me as creamy-white milk and the pair laps it up gladly, becoming excited as they do so.  Read about our milky threesome inside!


Daddy stood conflicted but the longer he stared at my big tits the more his resolve waned.  I could see the angst in his brow flatten out as he surrendered.

“Come on,” Ian urged.  “If that wasn’t your daughter you’d be on those tits in no time.”

Daddy rubbed at his chin.  “And you say it’s the only way?”

“The only way.”

He took a deep breath.  “Then here goes.”

I remember feeling impossibly excited when Daddy moved his mouth onto me.  The sensation of his lips wrapping over my nipple was like nothing I’d ever experienced, and when his tongue teased over the stud I started to lose it.

I writhed in the sheets and my nipples gave up their milk almost instantly.  It burst through the tight aperture and Daddy recoiled.  He swallowed and then looked to Ian.

“Do we swallow?” he said.


“The article said it was the only way to banish the spirit,” Uncle Ian said, then his face turned curious.  “What do you mean ‘we?’

“She’s got two tits, doesn’t she?” Daddy pointed.  “It’ll surely help quicken the process.”

“I couldn’t possibly,” Uncle Ian said.  I was delirious at the idea of both of them on me.

“Bullshit,” Daddy said.  “If I’m doing it then you are too.  Jump on.”

Daddy moved back to my breast and he motioned for Uncle Ian to settle on the other.  Ian moved in slowly as Daddy started to drink down my nectar.  I looked down on my breasts and watched as his mouth settled over the nipple too.

He started to suck and my breasts lifted towards his face.  The milk fired through and into his mouth and he mimicked his brother, swallowing down the ambrosia and filling his mouth with more of it.

I could feel the pressure lessen as the two feasted on me.  The more they continued the more I felt able to communicate.

“That feels good,” I was finally able to say.

The both of them pulled off my tits and looked up to me.  “Florence?”

“Don’t stop!” I groaned.

They raced back to my breasts and I held each of them to me.  I could feel an unbreakable connection begin to form between us all.  It was as though I was nourishing them although the reality was almost the opposite.  The more they fed on me the stronger our bond became.

“That’s good,” I hushed, tickling at their hair.

Daddy finally pulled off with a smile and beamed up at me.  “Better?”

“Almost,” I said.

Uncle Ian came off my tits too.  “What else can we do?”

Jeez, I’d never get a moment like this again in my life.  In the ecstasy of the occasion I decided to go for it.

“Maybe I can suck on you two in return.”

“Florence?” Daddy said.

“She isn’t thinking straight,” said Uncle Ian.

“I am,” I asserted.  “And I want to return the favor.”

“I’m not so—” Uncle Ian began.

“Let’s not be too hasty,” Daddy said.  “We need to make sure she’s regained all of her faculties, don’t we?”

Uncle Ian smiled and nodded.  “I guess we do.”

“So show me,” I nodded.  “Pull out your cocks for me.”


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Millie King writes naughty lactation erotica that'll leave you dripping, along with the main character!

Dominant men drain younger woman of their nectar, guzzling down their cream while getting harder and harder by the second until they have to get drained themselves!

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