Sex With My Mechanic Boss : Age Gap Breeding 15 (Audiobook)

by Kimmy Welsh

Book Cover: Sex With My Mechanic Boss : Age Gap Breeding 15 (Audiobook)
Part of the Age-Gap Breeding Audiobooks series:

About This Audiobook

My mature boss Judd was the best mechanic I knew, and women like me rarely want to get into car work. We bonded quickly despite the age-gap, and now we have competitions to see who can change out parts quickest. Today I’m presented with a brand new, sinful challenge that I can’t pass up, but it’s less of a time-trial and more of a length-trial, if you catch my drift?

I’m not about to let him get the upper-hand. Listen as things quickly get out of control in a bout of sinful, grubby garage lust that sees the pair of us satisfied completely.

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