Sex Slave World: The Complete X Collins Collection

by X Collins

Book Cover: Sex Slave World: The Complete X Collins Collection
This collection includes all four complete series in the X. Collins taboo, underground, sex-slave prison world: Impregnated by My Brother, Alpha Twincest, Sugar Daddy, and Incest Slaves.
In Impregnated by My Brother you will become intimate with Grant and James, two brothers who develop a special relationship after their parents are killed in an accident. Grant, chief of police, takes over as guardian. But when James winds up in jail for multiple underage drinking offenses, Grant gives him an ultimatum that changes their relationship forever.

In Alpha Twincest, Holden and Brock are twins, but have been separated by circumstances, as well as by their own hard-headed mindsets. When Holden finds himself under Brock's authority in a strange sub-basement prison, he finds the intimacy with his twin he's only every dreamed of, but it's intimacy that comes with a hefty price.

In Sugar Daddy, Jeff and Kyle are estranged father and son, but after moving in together find that they cannot deny the attraction they feel for each other, even though it is the most forbidden relationship imaginable.

And finally, in Incest Slaves, Stan finds a sex slave harem to call his own. What pushes this fantasy beyond his wildest dreams is the fact that the harem consists of not three, but four, almost completely identical brothers.

These stories includes themes of sexual slavery, sexual torture, sex as punishment, non-consensual acts, blood incest between brothers, pregnancy between brothers, imprisonment, BDSM, humiliation, and death.

About the Author

X. Collins writes dark, dirty, taboo, non-shifter omegaverse stories for those who like their mpreg extra naughty.

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