Seeded by Daddy

MIND CONTROL Virgin Daddy Daughter Erotica Daddy Erotica Hypnosis Father Daughter Erotica Incest

by Amber FoxxFire

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Ever on the lookout for ways to get my daddy inside me, I finally stumbled upon a sure-fire way. Mind control. According to my best friend, it really worked. I couldn’t wait to test it out. Daddy would never know.


I went into the kitchen for some juice and a snack. Daddy was in there as usual with his coffee and newspaper.

"Hey princess, how are you? You've been quiet today."

"I'm fine. Just tired." And sexually frustrated that I couldn't fuck him. Sheesh.

I sat down at the table after pouring a cup of juice and just stared at it. Just knowing that my father was right there made my body quiver.

I grabbed the wooden stirring spoon off the counter and held it in front of daddy.

"Daddy, take this spoon and spank my nipples."

"What?" My father's expression was priceless.

I clapped my hands together just as my friend said.

"You heard me, daddy. I'm not going to repeat myself." I let myself smile when I realized that daddy was actually going to do what I had just told him.

It was an odd fetish but nevertheless something I'd always wanted to feel. I threw off my shirt and snapped off my bra.


"Yes, princess." His voice was almost robotic, monotonous. Totally hypnotized.

Daddy took the spoon and did what I said. His firm spank on my nipples made them hard, and the way they bent from the impact made me shiver and my pussy quiver.

"Stop, use your hands now. And your mouth."

Daddy obeyed swiftly, his rough calloused hands ran over my nipples and flicked them while his mouth entertained the other nipple. My cunt was gushing with fluid so slick, that I didn't even need lube.

"Yes, daddy. Just like that. Doesn't that taste good."


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