Secret Candy Sends Me Slutty : Mom To Bimbo 2

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Secret Candy Sends Me Slutty : Mom To Bimbo 2
Part of the Mom To Bimbo series:

I’m a headteacher at a local school and I’m known for being strict, but when I’m handed some confiscated candy by my substitute teacher son Charlie, I soon find my regular stern act giving way to something much more flirtatious.

On top of that I think my breasts have grown and my hair is turning blonde!  Charlie barely recognizes me, which makes it much easier to seduce him when he comes back into my office after hours!


He didn’t waste his time in ogling me.  He looked right to my sodden panties.  His cock twitched as he eyed the juices that had already bled through.

“You like what mommy’s showing you?” I asked, hooking my finger beneath the crotch.

Charlie nodded.

I could feel the stickiness of my cunt against the back of my fingers.  I knew Charlie was in for a sight alright when I moved the crotch over completely.  His mouth opened and he took up his cock, jerking it slowly as he watched.

“Oh, mom, that looks perfect.”

I don’t know how it had happened, but the hair around my pussy was now perfectly sculpted.  It drew the eye to what mattered: my slender, tight, wet lips.

“Don’t just look at it,” I said, hooking my foot behind his head.  “Come taste.”


Charlie fell into me, and I lay back on the desk.  His face pressed right against my pussy, and he very quickly started eating me out.  The transition was immediate.  I thought he might need a period of time before he started eating his mom’s pussy, but Charlie was straight to it.  His tongue danced over me and tasted my cum, searching upwards for my clit which was happy to be found.

My body trembled with delight as Charlie sucked and pulled on my wet, charged flesh.  My pussy was a plump bastion of arousal and Charlie’s adventurous mouth was freeing my sexual energy.

I started to grind on him and moan, and he started to moan back.  My pussy swallowed up all the noises he made and begged for more.

“Put a finger in me,” I whined, looking down.

Charlie was in full-focus, and it was hot to see.  He wanted to please me.  He probed his finger inside and my core gripped around him.  He started to work it back and forth, then he locked his mouth over me and sucked hard on my clit.

The blood rushed to it, and it became charged with sensitivity.  The flicks of his tongue felt huge as they lashed across it.

Soon my thighs were gripping the side of his head and my pussy was gripping his finger.  I took several deep breaths and held the last one, focusing on that deep tension that was about to snap.

“Charlie!” I cried.  “Charlie!  Yes!”

He kept it up, pulsing his fingers through my core and teasing my clit.  I couldn’t stand all the sensations at once.  I started to come, moaning loud and grinding my pussy up and down across his face.

He let me use him, and from the look of his bouncing shoulder he was busy jerking himself with his other hand.

“Good boy!” I told him.  “Good boy!”

I’d barely so much as thought about sex in this office, and now here I was committing one of the most cardinal sins of all.  I shared the blame with Charlie, but truthfully, he didn’t stand a chance.  What young man would?  A blonde, big breasted milf is demanding your cock; how do you deny her?  It was pussy on a plate for him, and cock on a plate for me.  Time to eat.


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