Schoolgirls, Daddies And A Whole Lot More: Very Bad Teacher

by Scarlett Delage

A corrupt teacher get's up to some bad things with students and fellow teachers.
Is he the kind of man to take advantage of his position?
Indeed he is!


“God yes sir!”, the lust emanating from her voice, her eyes, her entire body. She now craved her teachers cock deep inside her.
“You know what Amanda, I’m just going to pull your panties to one side, because I am going to treat you like a whore! You like the sound of that? Get ready! Yeaaahh!”
There was a huge gasp of pleasure from Amanda right into his ear as he thrust himself in. He knew getting fucked by the teacher was an extra special pleasure for the girls he fucked. And he loved knowing it. With Amanda pinned up against the wall he began to fuck her ferociously. The banging against the wall as his hips slammed into hers would have left little doubt as to what was going on should anyone else have wandered into the toilet right now.
“God your cunt is tight Amanda!”, Vernon gasped, “your so fucking special. Your cunt is so much tighter than all the other girls I’ve fucked!”
“Oh god yes sir! Fuck me sir! I’m the best you�


�ve fucked aren’t I sir! Oh you’re dick is so big Mr Green! I’ve never felt a dick so deep in my cunt like this before! You really should have used a condom sir! It’s so bad fucking me without one!”
“Yeah I’m fucking giving it to your bare baby!”, he roared, his orgasm now not too far off, “I wanted to feel your bare pussy babe! I want to cream that sweet little cunt! Here I come Amanda! Tell me you want sir’s spunk!”
“Oh yes I want sir’s spunk deep in pussy sir! Shoot it all right up there! Give me you’re fucking real mans’ teacher’s juice right up my...”


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