Schoolgirls, Daddies And A Whole Lot More: The Visit To Grandpa And Grandmas’

by Scarlett Delage

Angela is off to stay with grandpa and grandma for a week. They are not her true grandparents, being the parents of her stepfather but she has grown up calling them grandpa and grandma none the less. She imagined they will be the quiet and reserved old folks she had always imagined them to be, but they have a bizarre rule that she must never leave her room under any circumstances after nine.


“Yes master!”
“Now beg to get fucked up the ass like a dirty fucking dog!”
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“Then rip those panties of and stick your whore ass in the air! These gentlemen will give you the fucking bone. You are to much of a filthy old whore to get my cock. This cock is for that that fresh young schoolgirl pussy upstairs!”
The two naked men on the couch who had been watching proceedings took their place behind Mary and began to pound her mercilessly. Her moans the moan of a woman having the cocks of men young enough to be her grandson fuck her old whore ass.

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