Schoolgirls, Daddies And A Whole Lot More: Hypnosis

by Scarlett Delage


A downtrodden assistant headmaster discovers the power of hypnosis!
How will he use his new found powers?
His step-daughter and wife are about to find out!
And they won't be the only ones!




“Yes master”, was the reply, now in an almost robotic voice.
“Good. Now...”, Dave glanced around to see if anyone else was looking. They were not. The drunk old man was almost passed out at the bar. The bar staff must have been out back. “I want you to stand up, turn around and bend over., lift up your skirt over your ass, pull down your panties and show us that gorgeous ass of yours.”
“Yes master”.
Tom watched incredulously as , step by step, Sandra went through all of Dave’s instructions. She got to her feet, and turned round, lifting both her leopard print coat and short black skirt over her ass as she bent over. She then placed her hands inside her white panties and hauled them down to her knees to reveal to both men the most exquisite, curvaceous ass either man had ever laid eyes on. Tom’s eyes nearly popped out of his eyes. The sight of the woman’s ass now adding to his amazement at the evidence that hypnosis actually worked. Dave simply grinned.
“I told you motherfucker! This shit is fucking real. Now lets get fucking serious.”
“Sandra!”, Dave barked at her, “pull your pants back up and walk through to the woman’s toilets. We will follow you.”
“Yes master.” She stood back up as she pulled up her panties. As she started to make her way to the toilets, Dave ushered Tom along.
“C’mon man lets go. We’re about to have some real fun.”
As Tom followed the toilets he realised he had a semi in his pants. The sight of the woman’s delicious backside had given him a real stirring in the loins. But as he watched her walk he had some idea of what was about to happen, and felt some real unease combined with his sexual excitement.
They entered the toilets.
“Down on the floor, panties off, spread your legs!”, was Dave’s order to Sandra.
“Yes Master”.


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