Schoolgirls, Daddies And A Whole Lot More: Filthy Uniforms

by Scarlett Delage

Two filthy stories of filthy uniforms!
In ART CLASS a stuck up student does not want to get her uniform dirty! Little does she know what's coming!
In DADDY'S LITTLE GOLDEN GIRL a schoolgirl is all fed of being nice and clean!


“Look at you now you dirty bitch! Think you’re something special but now you’re on your knees like a fucking whore!”
It was the voice of anger and repression being released. The voice of someone who desired Angela sexually but hated her at the same time. The voice of someone who felt worthless because they were not even a blip on Angela’s raider screen. Chris knew these feelings. They were the feelings he had. All at once the feelings leapt out of his mouth.
“Yeah take that dick down your fucking throat! You think I’m nothing well I’ll show you I’m something when I give you my big dick right up your fucking ass!”
Chris stood there shocked at himself. He had never talked like this before. It might have been the first time in his life he had really let loose. As he stood there he realised it felt good.
“Oh yeah, this feels real good boys”, Mr Reid gasped as she continued to suck him, �


�I think by the look on her face, she likes it, I guess my dick must taste much better than yours, huh Mark?”
Mark said nothing, he was now resigned to the fact he was powerless and could only sit on the desk humiliated as his girlfriend took another man’s cock into her mouth.
“You!”, Mr Reid pointed to Chris, “get over here and get your cock out, stick it right down this slut’s throat!”
Chris was no longer paralyzed with shock at the whole situation, he did not need a second invitation. He rushed over to Angela as Mr Reid withdrew his cock from her mouth with a plop, as Chris fumbled at his zip and looked down at her he saw what he thought to be a slight glint in her eye. She had enjoyed sucking the teachers cock. As he hauled his trousers down, his entire body was alive like it never had been before. He had never been with a woman before. Now he was going to stick his cock into Angela Singer’s mouth!


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