Schoolgirls, Daddies And A Whole Lot More: 12 Story Bundle

by Scarlett Delage


12 stories featuring a mass of schoolgirls, stepdaddies and a whole lot more!
The visit to grandpa and grandmas/Hypnosis/Pregnant by everyone/Let's get her pregnant/PTA meeting/Strangers on a train/Very bad teacher/Dirty deeds/The schoolgirl and her t-rex daddy/Jenny and the minotaurs/Punishment/No more Mr Nice Guy.


Julie licked her lips as she anticipated the sight of the man’s cock springing free. When he hauled down his jeans, she was not disappointed. A huge glistening purple headed shaft revealed itself, rock hard with desire to penetrate her naked cunt and unload deep inside her.
The invitation of her open legs was one accepted unhesitatingly by Mark. Within seconds he had pressed his cockhead against her pussy lips and thrust himself into her wetness, drawing a gasp from the wanton schoolgirl as the bare cock she so desperately wanted plunged into her. Mark began to thrust, and thrust hard.
“Ooooh yes!”, Julie moaned as the sensation of receiving the male hardness she so craved spread from her cunt out through her entire body.
Her eyes were alive with lust as she begged the man on top of her to fuck her.
“Yeah fuck me!”, she roared, “fuck with that real man’s cock! Give it to me nice and deep like the guys at school never could! I want that cum!”


“Yeah!”, replied Mark with an almost animal look on his face as he pumped her furiously, “daddy’s little girl wants a baby! Well now daddy and friends are going to give her one! You want to get pregnant huh! You want me to fill you up with my fucking real man’s spunk! Well here I come baby! Get ready for load number one to be dumped into your slut fucking....Aaaaaah”


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