Scandalous Mothers – Taboo Shorts : 10 Short Stories

by Tori Westwood

Scandalous mothers stirring up controversy in the neighborhood is the theme of this 10-story collection, where mommies take it every single way in sinful stories that leave everyone satisfied.

Featuring creamy breeding tales, anal sex fantasies, daring threesomes and everything in between, these stories are a must for lovers of mommy incest.

Stories include: ‘Mothers Milk,’ ‘My Son In My Mouth By Accident,’ ‘Decorating Fun With My Son,’ ‘So Dirty I Had To Show Him How to Shower,’ ‘My Son’s Bun In My Back Oven,’ ‘Mommy’s Gambit,’ ‘Night Nurse,’ ‘V.R Sex With My Son And Husband,’ ‘Private Sale,’ and ‘Soaked And Fucked By My Son.’


His legs fidgeted under me and I pushed them open wider as I began to stroke over his taint and fondle his balls.  They were smoother than usual and felt great as I fingered them.  I dragged him from my mouth and licked my tongue down his cock, sucking one of his balls into my mouth and rolling it through my lips.

Again he moaned, softer and higher than normal.  I figured I’d just excited him more than usual and my confidence began to grow as I made a mess of his length.  Soon it was dripping in my spit and I cruised my hand quickly over it, snarling with lust as I imagined what it might look like.

“Give me that hard cock,” I said, thrusting it back down my throat and filling my mouth with his thickness.


I dragged my tits up his calves now and put them around his engorged flesh, trapping it in the cleavage before jerking it over him.  I’d never let him titty-fuck me before and figured it would be an added treat.  Besides, the feeling of his hard dick between my breasts felt incredible.

I pushed them close around him and dragged them back and forth along his length, noticing the duvet move and the light start to come in from above.

Slowly the scene was illuminated and I looked down to see that smooth, fresh-looking cock sprouting out from my cleavage.

I kissed the tip and sucked it, suddenly noticing how milky and white my husband’s skin looked.  His cock looked somehow younger and the hair around his shaft was kempt more neatly than usual.  I let his dick fall from my tits and I gripped it in a hand as my eyes traced upwards, noting his trim, flat stomach and his smooth, well-toned pecs.

I became confused, losing my rhythm and holding his arousal still in my midst.  The realization dawned on me slowly as a hand moved the covers down over my head and that was when I finally locked eyes on the naked body I was draped over.

Both of our eyes gasped open wide as we locked on each other, my son and I.  I couldn’t believe what I’d done.  We stayed frozen for what felt like the longest of times.  In my hand lay his thick, swollen cock and next to it, my exposed, stiff nipples and big, mature tits.

“Joshua,” I said slowly.  For a moment I thought that I’d suddenly made the whole thing real by saying his name, but there was no hiding what I’d done to him now.

“Mom,” he whimpered, looking down into my eyes and then to my hand that held his stiffness tight.


About the Author

I write those dirty, taboo, incest stories that you have to read in secret.  The kind that get you hot and weak at the knees.  They're wrong, but oh-so right!
I enjoy writing them as much as you enjoy reading them, and I think that comes across in my descriptive, explicit style.
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