Say My Name Daddy 3-Pack

by Penelope Liksit

Three sizzling incestuous tales of daughters who REALLY want to hear daddy say their names. Fucking Emma/ Fucking Olivia/ Fucking Sophia                                                   


I just wanted daddy to say my name. I had heard him call me by my name a million times over the course of my life of course but I wanted to hear him call me by name in a way I had not heard him before.
I did not just want fatherly love and affection, I wanted fatherly lust and affection. Yes, I knew that the words ‘fatherly’ and ‘lust’ should not belong in the same sentence but I did not want him just telling me he loved me as his little girl. I wanted something else.
I wanted to hear the words ‘I’m going to fuck you hard Emma’ come right out of daddy’s mouth.


It was just me and daddy all alone in the house tonight. Mom was working late.
I walked into the living room and got down on all fours right in front of him as he was looking at his phone, pretending I was looking for a magazine under the coffee table. I made sure to put my ass right up in the air. My perfect ass was the perfect weapon to use on daddy, to fire some incestuous lust deep inside of him.
I bent over just a little further so my leggings pulled really tight on my ass even more, and I could feel the wet heat of anticipation in my panties. No man had ever got me this excited and daddy had not even touched me yet. I spoke as I began to wiggle my ass from side to side and look over my shoulder at daddy.


About the Author

The queen of ultrasmut will take care of all those taboo needs of yours, whether they be incest, bestiality, dub-con or non-con. Expect it rough, nasty and as perverse as it gets.

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