Saving Daddy With My Milk : Daddy’s Milk 8

Hucow BDSM Lactation Daddy Daughter Milking Breast Feeding Adult Nursing Taboo Incest

by Tori Westwood

Daddy and I get lost while we're out hiking and there isn't enough water to go round!  Being the sweet guy that he is he offers me the last of it, but I think I can give him something back in return.  In desperation I offer him my teat, sure that with a little effort he can start milking me and enjoy my bounty.  Before long I'm yearning for his cock and soon it's buried deep inside me, hard and without protection!


Finally Daddy moved his hands forward and I felt the touch of them at my breast, holding each in his palm and squeezing them slightly as he took a great intake of breath.

"They feel great too," he said, moving even closer now to examine them.  It was as though he'd never seen a pair of tits before but I was loving the attention.

He rubbed over them softly, brushing over my raised nipple and sending a jolt of bliss through my core that bloomed somewhere near my pussy.  I felt it becoming wet and began to feel that same, strange sensation in my breast as they too began to prime themselves for release.

"How do I get the milk out?" he asked, looking me in the eye for the first time since removing my top.

"I usually just give them a squeeze," I said.

Daddy did as instructed, looking back to them and trying, but nothing seemed to happen.

"That's odd," I said, taking one from him and squeezing it myself.


"It usually happens just like that?" Daddy asked.

"It has in the past."

He thought for a moment before looking at me with a glimmer in his eye.

"What is it?" I asked, knowing he had an idea.

"I could ... try sucking?"

Again the suggestion was so naughty that I felt my pussy swell with desire and I became excited at the mere thought of Daddy latched on to my nipple.

"It can't hurt," I said, smiling across at him as his hands continued to knead my tits.

Daddy stooped lower and I felt his breath across my pure, milky tits.  Suddenly I felt the wetness of his mouth over my nipple, and then the sensation of rushing blood and milk as he began to suck, and in no time at all it was flowing out of me.

"It's working!" Daddy said, quickly coming off my tits before returning hungrily.

"Keep going," I urged, and my eyes closed to enjoy the sensation.

Before long I was cradling his head to my chest, running my fingers through his soft hair and pulling him on to me.  The sensation of the milk flowing from my chest was euphoric.

Daddy sucked and gulped down my ambrosia with some of it rolling down my chest and falling below the waist of my panties.

As he sucked I watched the bulge in his pants grow and I yearned for its release, wondering if I could ask that of him.

"Can I see what you're hiding there, Daddy?" I asked eventually, and he looked up at me with a smirk and a translucent film of white across his lips.


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