Sex With My Son In The Sauna : Desperate Mothers

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Sex With My Son In The Sauna : Desperate Mothers
Part of the Desperate Mothers series:

A trip away with my son to Switzerland sees the two of us relaxing in our small, private sauna after a day of hiking. When I discover that my son isn't wearing anything though, things soon take a turn for the sinful. Read as we surrender to sin in this sweaty, sexy encounter that sees my son finish inside me, like any good boy should. I somehow manage to make him come twice!


“You earned this, honey,” I told him, and I steered my ass away from the coals and bent over towards him.

I kissed at his stomach and tasted a hint of salt as I moved down towards his cock.  He tasted good and I wanted more.

“Mom,” he said simply.

I lifted him up towards my mouth and pushed over the crown, feeling his smooth thickness enter me.  As it did so Ethan let out a moan that I’d never heard him make before.  It was so full of elation and pleasure that it made my pussy start to swell.

The blood pumped into Ethan and it pumped into me too, puffing up my pussy and getting it ready for something sinful.  I’d never known myself so swollen for someone before, but I guess the most forbidden loves are the most intense.

“Your cock is so perfect,” I told him, kissing off the tip and looking up at him.

“Don’t stop, Mom,” he hushed.


I bounced my head over him, running him in and out of my mouth and washing my tongue around him as I did so.  My hand worked the base of his shaft as my mouth and tongue tackled the top half of him.  It felt exhilarating to be in command of him like that.

His cock turned slick and stayed hard.  My fist pumped my spit over him, then I let him go completely and watched as his cock fell back to his stomach and throbbed.

My eyes opened wide, and I stared.  I wondered if he was going to come right then and there, but Ethan managed to hold it at bay somehow.

“Now for Mommy’s turn,” I told him, and I unfastened my bikini top.

Ethan watched as I showed him my big mommy tits.  He took hold of his cock and jerked it slowly as he watched me, which was an even bigger turn on.  I knew for certain that he was into me, despite my aging years.  Ethan was almost thirty years my junior, but I knew I could keep up.

I took down my panties too and then I leant back against the door and looked down over my sweat-dappled body as I started to finger myself.

Ethan lay on the bench and shuffled his fist over his cock as we watched each other play.  My fingers were a good entre, but the main course was yet to come.

I worked my clit stiff and felt my pussy flood with juices.  I felt like I’d need them in order to fit my son’s burgeoning size inside me.

“Stand up,” I told him finally.

Ethan got to his feet, careful to avoid the coals in the corner.

He came forward and grabbed my tits forcefully.  He pushed them together and squeezed, then he put his lips on mine.  The kiss felt strange at first, but then his tongue pushed through my lips and wrestled with my own.

It was wrong—so wrong—but in that moment I wanted nothing more.  It was as though the sauna was a closet that hid us from the world.  No-one would know what we’d done in there apart from us, and I was happy to live with that.

“Here,” I told him, and I climbed up onto the top bench of the sauna.  I split my legs wide and showed Ethan what he’d done to me.

“Oh, Mom, that looks so fucking good,” he said, and he fell into my crotch immediately.

He sucked and licked at my pussy and my whines filled the steamy room.  All the while he ate from me his hand busily jerked his cock, keeping himself stiff and ready for the next act.


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