Satisfied Mothers – Taboo Shorts : 10 Short Stories

by Tori Westwood

Satisfied Mothers who demand what they need most is the theme of this 10-story collection, where mommies take care of their sons in the most sinful way of all.

Featuring creamy breeding tales, anal sex fantasies, daring threesomes and everything in between, these stories are a must for lovers of mommy incest.

Stories include: ‘Mommy’s Masquerade,’ ‘F’ing My Son In His Cell,’ ‘I Need My Son’s Hot Cum,’ ‘All Aboard The Anal Boat,’ ‘Putting My Naughty Son In My Tight A-Hole,’ ‘My Son’s Sex Lesson,’ ‘I Saw My Son Naked – And I Liked It!’ ‘Taught By His Dad To F His Mom,’ ‘I Thought My Son’s C was My Husband’s,’ and ‘Selling Pantyhose With My Daughter.’


I leant back and showed him my cleavage, sliding the zipper down at the side of my dress and pulling my tits over the top of it so he could get a good look at my charms.  My breasts were perhaps one of my favorite assets and I knew they couldn't fail to get him hard in seconds.

I squeezed them together, looking for the subtle nuances of lust that were detectable in his dilating pupils.  For now the masks stayed on and I wondered if we'd ever truly know what the other person looked like.

I moved my hands back to his cock now and found it stiffer than before, proving without doubt that my tits still had the desired effect on a man.

My hands unfastened his belt and I could see from his rising shoulders that his breaths were getting longer and quicker, his body primed for what I was about to do to it.


I reached inside his boxer-shorts and gripped the thick flesh, pulling it out of his fly and marveling at the long, smooth, young looking cock that sat fat and hard in my fist.

"That's a nice dick," I hushed, my face close to it.  I wrapped my lips around it and pushed it in to my mouth, listening as the strangers exhaled a long, deep breath as he relaxed into a warm bath of pleasure.

My lips cruised along his sleek length, drenching him in spit before gasping off the end and pumping his hard dick in my hand.

"Do you like my lips around your cock?" I asked, still affecting that same smooth, confident accent I'd perfected from the beginning.

"Put it back inside," he said, moving my hair from my face and looking down through the mask.

He watched closely as I sucked him slowly, putting on a real performance for him as he sat in the front row.  I popped the smooth, bulbous head of his dick from my mouth and then circled my tongue around it in big, messy swoops, making sure he could see exactly what was going on.

The wetter I made his cock the damper my crotch became until soon I could feel my wetness breaking through the thin fabric of my laced panties.

I stood up in front of him now and unzipped the rest of my dress, sliding it down my motherly figure and stepping out of it, naked save for my black thong and high heels.

"Fuck, you look incredible," the voice gasped and he stood up and removed his tuxedo jacket.

As he swung it over his head his mask fell from his face and before he could put it back on I finally got a good look at the guy in front of me.  The guy whose dick had been buried in my mouth only a moment before.

"Dylan," I gasped, losing my accent in seconds.  "What the hell?"

The penny hadn't even fully dropped yet for either of us and we both froze as we waited for the gravity of the situation to dawn on us.

"Mom?" he said as a whole host of clues slotted in to place in one terrifying instant.


About the Author

I write those dirty, taboo, incest stories that you have to read in secret.  The kind that get you hot and weak at the knees.  They're wrong, but oh-so right!
I enjoy writing them as much as you enjoy reading them, and I think that comes across in my descriptive, explicit style.
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