Salacious Taboo Incest 50-Pack Vol 7

by Amber FoxxFire

For the longest time I'd been wanting to get pregnant. I'd always dreamed of finding a man who would give me tons of babies. But finding that man has been rather...challenging. To say the least.

I've now found a solution to that problem.

My friend, Susan, stumbled across something on the dark web the other day that would undoubtedly change my life - forever!

Stories Included:

- Fucking My Blind Sister
- Two Men And A Hen
- Birthing My German Shepherd's Puppies
- Fucked Twins In My Drunken Mother's Cunt
- Birthing My Very Own Foal
- I Fucked My Aunt In The Bathroom While Mom Showered Part 1 & 2
- Birthing My Golden's Pups
- Birthing The Tiger's Kittens
- Birthing The Akita's Puppies
- Remote-Controlling Mom & Sis
- Branded By The Stallion
- Drugged By The Dog To Carry His Puppies
- Fucking My Mind-Controlled Mother
- I Caught My Twin Cousins Making Out
- Mind-Controlling My Sister
- Birthing The Dolphin's Baby
- From A To D - A Brother Sister Bimbo Fuck Story
- I Slipped My Sister A Bimbo Pill
- I Turned My Shy Sister Into A Horny Sex Mad Bimbo!
- Birthing A Pony For My Daughter
- I Mind Controlled My Two Sisters
- I Fucked My Wife's Sister While They Were On The Phone!
- Knotted, Bred & Humiliated By My Father's Dog!
- Birthing Bigfoot's Baby
- Birthing The Stallion's Forbidden Foal
- 3 Sisters Turned Bitches Dog Sex Gangbang
- Birthing My Brother's Secret Baby
- Fucking My Daughter
- Knocking Up My Sleepwalking Sister - In The Back Of Daddy's Car!
- Free Use 1: Using Mom
- Birthing The Stray's Puppies
- Free Use 2: Using Sis While She Was Studying
- Birthing The Pit Bull's Pound Puppies
- Breeding A Baby In My Bimbo Aunt
- Free Use 3: Using The Large-Breasted Virgin Cashier
- Free Use 4: Using The Cop Lady Illegally
- Bimbo Daughter Knotted By The Boss' Dog
- Free Use 5: Knocking Up The Bimbo Bride
- Free Use 6: Using The Pastor's Daughter - In Front Of The Pastor!
- Expecting The Rottweiler's Puppies
- Free Use Bimbos 1: Turned My Sister Into A Bimbo Sex Fuck Doll
- Mind Controlled By The Feral Stallion
- Rough Sex With My Lonely Sister
- Rough Sex With My Dog In His Doghouse!
- Birthing The Lion's Cubs
- Studded By My Big Brother!
- Free Use Dogs 1: Taken & Used At The Dog Pound
- Birthing My Cute Baby Foal
- I Will Not Tease Daddy Ever Again!
- Free Use Bimbos 2: Breeding My Sleepwalking Niece In The Bathroom

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