Salacious Taboo Incest 50-Pack Vol 4

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Salacious Taboo Incest 50-Pack Vol 4

Yeah, that's right. It was a complete accident. No, I don't expect you to believe me. But, I swear, it was.

See, I can explain…


It was a late night at the office and I was very tired. My sexy wife, Alicia, texted me a nude selfie, telling me that there was a surprise waiting in our bed when I got home.

That excited me. I thought about that surprise and got myself all horny and leaky with pre-cum until it was time to go home. I raced inside, threw off my uncomfortable clothes and tip-toed into the bedroom.

I expected to see my wife sprawled out on the bed, completely naked, her luscious, red-haired body ready for my inspection. But I was puzzled when the room was not only dark, but silent.

My heart beat faster. Was something wrong?

I slowly crept up to my bed, felt around and smiled when I felt my wife's body. But it really wasn't my wife's body and I didn't know it. See, we'd had some financial troubles and had to move back in with my mother.

"I'm home..." I whispered into my wife's ear (I'll call her mother from now on as it certainly wasn't my wife).

No response.

I shook her.


Stories Included:

- Riding My Uncle
- Fucking My Niece With Her Mother's Permission Part 1
- Knocking Up My Fertile Aunt & Her Daughter
- Breeding My Niece
- Gangbanging Sleeping Mom
- Slumber Party With My Sisters - Part 1
- Slamming My Sleeping Sister
- Daughter Gangbang 1 - Four Aces In My Daughter's Virgin Hole
- Family Gangbang 1: Fucking Mom & Sis At The Same Time
- Niece Gangbang 1 - Spending The Night With My Twin Nieces
- Mommy Gangbang 1: Gangbanged By My Two Horny Sons!
- Family Gangbang 2: Filling Mom & Sis's Cunts With My Seed
- Mother Mind Control 1: I Couldn't Believe Mom Let Me Do That!
- Sister Mind Control 1: My Sister Obeyed My Every Command
- Daughter Gangbang 2: What Do You Mean I Have To Pay You Back, Daddy?
- Daughter Gangbang 3: Pounding My Grounded Daughter's Swollen Cunt
- Family Gangbang 3: Gangbanging My Aunt & Mom In The Hot Tub
- Milking & Lactating 1: Drinking My Daughter's Mother's Milk
- Family Sleep Sex 1: Surprising My Sleeping Sister
- Daughter Gangbang 2: What Do You Mean I Have To Pay You Back, Daddy?
- Family Spanking 1: Spanked Hard By Daddy!
- Mother Mind Control 2: Payback's A Bitch, But So Was My Mom!
- Family Sleep Sex 2: That Time I Accidentally Came In Mom's Sleeping, Fertile Womb
- Family Gangbang 4: Mom Helped Me Gangbang My Two Sisters
- Family Gangbang 5: Teaching My Cousin With My Aunt's Permission
- Family Sleep Sex 3: Mom Fell Asleep In My Lap
- Family Mind Control 1: Mind Controlled Mom & Sis
- Milking & Lactating 2: Suckling My Pregnant Aunt's Creamy Breasts
- Family Spanking 2: Mom Disobeyed Me, I Spanked Her Ass
- Mother Mind Control 3: I Was Mind Controlled To Fuck My Own Son!
- Daughter Gangbang 3: Pounding My Grounded Daughter's Swollen Cunt
- Niece Gangbang 2: Gangbanging My Virgin Niece
- Family Mind Control 2: Breeding Mom & Sis Like Cattle
- Mom's Helping Hands 1: My Son Needs Me!
- Sister Mind Control 2: Impregnating My Hypnotized Sister
- Mother Mind Control 5: My Son Controls Me Completely
- Daughter Gangbang 4: Knocking Up My Rebellious Daughter
- Family Gangbang 6: Mom, You Said You'd Do Anything!
- Mother Mind Control 4: I Must Obey My Son!
- Mom's Helping Hands 2: Deep Tissue Massage
- Daughter Gangbang 5: Punishing My Disobedient Daughter
- Breaking Bad Girls 1: Breaking Sis
- Mom & Sis 1: Playing Hide & Seek With Mom & Sis
- Mom's Helping Hands 3: Pre Mature Ejaculation
- Breaking Bad Girls 2: Breaking Mom
- Mother Mind Control 6: Help! I Was Mind Controlled By Aliens To Fuck My Son
- Pure Sex 1: Fuck Me Raw, Daddy! I Want To Have Your Babies!
- Pure Sex 2: Daddy Took My Virginity On A Crowded Bus!
- Breaking Bad Girls 3: Popping My Niece's Cherry
- Pure Sex 3: Worshiping My Daddy's Cock While He Gives The Sermon

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