Salacious Taboo Incest 25-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

It was my 19th birthday coming up and I was extremely excited to see what my wife had up her sleeve.

I swear, the week couldn't go by fast enough. Every time I glanced at the clock it seemed as if the time had actually gone backwards!

It was our first year together as a couple and this was my first birthday with her. I figured that she had something grand planned.

Stories Included:

- Fucking Daddy
- Mom's Helping Hand
- Impregnated by My Daddy!
- Caught & Punished!
- Fucking Sis
- Becoming Daddy's Slut
- Mommy's Birthday Surprise!
- Taking Daddy Deep
- Gangbanging Grandma
- Daughter's First Fuck
- Spanking & Fucking my Naughty Son
- Drilling my Drunk, Slutty Sister
- Suckling Mom's Milky Breasts
- Daddy's Sleepwalking Slut
- Daddy! Don't Cum in my Cervix
- Punished by Mommy & Daddy
- Impregnating my Wife & Sister
- Time Travel 18-Year-Old Mother Impregnation
- Knocking up the Brat
- Breeding Mommy
- Knocking up my Sleeping Sister
- Knocking up my Drunk, Sleeping Mother
- Screwed by My Uncle on the Family Road Trip
- Hypnotizing Mom & Sis
- Cucked by my Cock: How My Cock Made Me Impregnate My Daughter

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