Rutting With The Rottweiler

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by Jez Bestiality

Finding herself in some kind of human/dog breeding program, Vanessa had a strange desire to do whatever the large black and tan Rottweiler told her. Overseeing the program, nurse Tina takes particular delight in the whole thing. That is, until King turns the tables on her. Now he has two hot bitches who are more than willing to satisfy his every bestial lust.


"What if I don't want to do this experiment? I had no idea I was to breed with a dog!" Vanessa slammed her fist on the table as she rose to her feet.
"You will." Tina, the 19 year old woman in a white coat told her with a stern expression on her face.
"You didn't inform me about this! Now you tell me that you want me to breed with a beast and..." Vanessa rubbed her temples and then looked at the woman. "carry it's puppies."
"Yes. You will do this experiment." Tina looked at her with an eager expression in her eyes.
Vanessa shook her head slowly, wondering what was wrong with her. "You've drugged me."
"Correct. Once you see the big Rottweiler, you'll want nothing but to breed with him and have his puppies." Tina placed her pen down on the table and gave her a chilling smile.
"I...I..." Vanessa felt a primitive emotion ache through her body and the conversation faded from her mind. She needed to rut with a male, any male. Even

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