Rough Sex With My Slutty Daughter

by Amber FoxxFire

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Just getting ready for bed, I heard what sounded like moans coming from my daughter, Kallista’s room. Was there something wrong? Maybe she was hurt. As I drew nearer, they became louder - and more insistent.

What was she doing? Then I heard a man’s voice and realized she wasn’t alone. That slut! Furiously, I burst in on them, kicked the guy out on his ears and…

Took his place.


"And never come back or else, you piece of shit!" I screamed.

Turning back to my 18-year-old Kallista, I stared at her silently, my rage more threatening when quiet.

"Daddy, I'm sorry." She hung her head.

All this holding out when my daughter was really a slut? My cock twitched in irritation and I grabbed it, whispering a promise that it would get it's revenge.

"Kallista, if you want cock so much, then get on your knees and suck daddy's!"

A brush of red crossed her cheeks and she silently slipped off the bed and crawled over to me. On her knees, she fumbled with my belt to free my cock. It was tenting bad, I never had my cock hurt this bad. But it needed to be inside her, it had needed it for so fucking long. I just held out because she--well, I thought she was pure. If anyone is going to break her it is going to be me!

I slapped her hands out of the way since she was fumbling too much and ripped my cock and balls out through my fly.


It twitched in her face, dripping with pre-cum and anticipation of her pink tight lips to wrap around its shaft. Fuck.

"What're you waiting for, suck my cock!" I demanded.

My cock was drooling. Fuck, her mouth looked so appetizing, just the right size for my cock.

"Daddy, it's so big! Wow," she said in small gasps. She'll do back flips when she tastes and feels how good it is to have this fat cock fill up her tiny slut throat.

Her cool small mouth encircled my enraged cock. Kallista had begun with small sucking and licking on my shaft. Bitch, she knew she was a slut. She had a guy in her room and this is how she decided to treat my cock? All nice and innocent like she'd never done this before?

I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my cock down her throat. She coughed as it hit the back and battered her mouth. I thrust deep and held her head just as if I'm fucking her pussy.


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