Rough Sex on The Catwalk : Daddy’s First Timers 10

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Rough Sex on The Catwalk : Daddy’s First Timers 10
Part of the Daddy's First Timers series:

I’ve always wanted to work in fashion and I have the perfect chance, now that my Daddy is a famous designer.  I quickly realize there’s a sinful underbelly to the world I dreamt of joining, and Daddy shows me first-hand what it takes to get ahead.  Read how he dominates me in a rough first time session with his throbbing cock after I threaten to reveal all.  I can’t believe he came inside me!


“This is what you wanted, right?  This is what was so precious to you?”

“I didn’t mean it,” I cried, pretending to change my mind.

“Open your mouth.”

To hear him say the words sent a thrill through me.  Something about the dynamic excited me greatly.  I wanted Daddy’s cock bad, but I didn’t know how to square that away in my mind.  Now that he’d given me the order—well I guess I just had to obey him.

I pushed my hair behind my back and looked up at him, feigning a vulnerability that I could tell he relished.

“Open.  Your.  Mouth.”

I split my lips timidly and slowly.  The second he could peer through them he pushed his hips forwards and suddenly I felt that sinful flesh of his breach my mouth.

I grunted as his length filled me, then I felt his arousal continue to grow inside me as I let out a muffled wail.


“You wanted this,” he said, keen to place the blame on me.  “You couldn’t keep your fucking mouth shut,” he said, pulling at my hair and making my eyes well.  “Well now I’m gonna keep it shut with my cock.”

Daddy continued to push himself into me until his cock was beginning to slip down my throat.  I felt it tighten on him and as I gagged he pushed forwards further, plunging himself into my neck.

I spluttered and pushed back off his thigh, staring up in amazement at the rough treatment that Daddy was doling out in spades.

The spit stringed from my mouth and I wiped at it, then I opened my lips to scald him.

As I did so he gripped my hair again, yanking me forward and putting that big cock of his straight to the back of my throat.

My eyes bulged and he sank into my neck again.  I could feel his hairs on my top lip as I he drove all the way inside me, forcing his big cock into my tight throat.

My neck bulged as the saliva slipped over him.  I sucked a breath over his flesh and then exhaled through my nose, trying my best to calm myself given the situation.

“That’s it,” he snarled, and he pulled off me and jerked his cock close to my face as I tried in vain to catch my breath.

“You think you can just threaten me without any repercussions?” he said.

I opened my mouth to try to answer, swallowing the excess spit.

Again his big dick filled my cheeks and I relished the sensation of it slipping down my neck now, despite how uncomfortable it felt.

This time I pushed myself onto him and Daddy let his hands drop to his side.  I inched my lips over him and drove him into my tight neck, eager to please him now, just as every other woman had been that day.

“That’s it,” he said, looking down.

I opened my eyes and stared up at him.  He looked down and watched the hilt of his cock disappear, then he smiled wide with a sinful twinkle of pride shimmering in his eye.

I wound my tongue around him and pulsed it back and forth over the underside of his dick, familiarizing myself with it now.  I’d seen many girls going down on guys online and I was trying to put into practice everything I’d learned.

“You’re not getting off this easy, you know that,” he warned.

I nodded, but truthfully I didn’t know what his intentions were.


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