Red’s Rocket : Fantastic Beasts Erotica 4

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by Betsi Ality

Book Cover: Red's Rocket : Fantastic Beasts Erotica 4
Part of the Fantastic Beasts Erotica series:

I got myself a little designer pooch to go with my new bag, but I'm quickly realizing he's way much more than a good companion. Red—that's what I called him—has just the BIGGEST cock for a dog his size. When I'm forced to take him into the men's toilets with me after the ladies' are locked, I get way more than I bargained for.
Soon three guys are looking over the top of the stall to see what all the moaning is about and they see me! Well I just can't stop myself, so they're all getting a treat too. I invite them inside to watch the show and we all wind up enjoying ourselves. Read how I take their cum.


I pulled my panties down under my short dress and pulled my dress upwards.  Then the damndest thing happened.

The second my pussy was free Red became completely animated, trying to jump up as I sat down on the toilet and started peeing.

"Calm down, Reddy," I told him, pushing him back as he tried in vain to climb his way up me.

Thankfully there was no-one in the restroom, otherwise I'd be making quite the commotion that I'm sure would more than give me away.

Anyway, Red just wouldn't quit it.  He's real excited and that big lipstick of his is rearing itself out of its skin.

"Put it away, Reddy," I said, playfully pushing him, but the dog was insistent.

He seemed to really want a good sniff of my puss so—and I'm ashamed to admit this—I decided to give him one in the hope it'd calm him down.

I pull my legs out of the loops of my panties and stuff them in the bag, flushing the toilet and closing the lid now so I can sit on it.


Red's still going crazy at this point so I pick him up and plant my ass far back on the toilet lid with enough room to place him in front.

Before his paws are even on the ground his snout is making for my pussy, pressing it to it and sniffing it out with a few powerful licks to boot.

The sensation of Red's little tongue all about my wet crease drove me crazy in an instant.  I was really beside myself.  It got so that I started to think things that a girl really shouldn't about her own pooch, you know?

Well that's my excuse anyway.  The mood just took me and I got away from myself, I guess.  I really wanted to be satisfied and suddenly I was reminded of just how long it had been until someone had.  So there, in that quiet stall, I let Red have his fill.

In no time at all I was sat back against the wall enjoying him, spreading my legs wide to let him get to every little part of it that he could.

Red was insatiable and he just wouldn't quit and sure enough I eventually began to feel the sensation of an orgasm blossoming inside me.

"Oh you naughty, naughty dog," I squeaked, writhing against the wall as I began to tremble.

I moved my hands now to part my lips for him, letting him press his snout into my sticky honey-pot before he pulled back and slathered his tongue all about me.

"Don't stop, Red," I hushed, whimpering as the climax enveloped me.

I began to quiver, my whole body shuddering with delight as my pussy started to convulse on Red's tongue.

My fingers worked at my stiff clit now and I began to moan freely, completely forgetting my surroundings as my little pocket dynamite drove me to rapture in that locked stall.

Then, at my most glorious moment, I heard the squeak of the door open and the sound rush in from outside briefly.

But I just couldn't stop myself.  I continued to moan louder than ever, completely without care, rubbing my slit as the stranger's footsteps approached outside the door.

"Are—are you okay in there?" the voice called.  It was obviously male, and it kind of turned me on to know that someone was just the other side of that thin bit of wood, only a meter away from me and my exposed, glistening pussy.

"Oh, I'm more than fine, big boy," I teased through the door, becoming a whole different person in my lusty state.

"Do you need a hand?" he tried now, clearly testing his luck.

"I don't need a hand," I gasped, still trembling from my orgasm with powerful breaths.  "But you can watch if you like."


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Betsi Ality writes some of the hottest dog loving erotica on the market and she does it all for her loving fans.  These dogs have been schooled in the art of fucking and are looking to 'tie-the-knot' with any female who's willing!  You won't be disappointed!

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