Real Mothers 3 : 4 Pack Erotica Bundle Books 9-12

Mommy Son Erotica Collection

by Tori Westwood

'Real Mothers 3 : 4 Pack Bundle' features 4 naughty stories of mature, confident Moms deflowering their innocent virgin Sons in hot erotica encounters.  The cougars have targeted their prey and they're going for the kill!  Read as they tackle their Son's hard cocks like pros, getting exactly what they want and sometimes a little more!  Strictly Adults Only!

Stories Include : 'Mother's Milk,' 'Desperate to Fuck My Son,' 'Me & My Friend Fuck My Son' and 'I Had To Fuck My Son.'


There was a tense silence that Bobby seemed to find uncomfortable, shifting on his seat.  Either that or he was experiencing an unwanted erection right now.  Either way, I was happy.

“So what do you think?” I pressed.

He cleared his throat.  “How would we … get it?”

“The old-fashioned way,” I said, returning to the fruit.  “You’d just have to suck it out.”

Bobby damn-near choked.  “Suck it out?  With my mouth?!”

“Well yes, Bobby, how else are we going to get the milk out?”

He shrugged.  “I don’t know, Mom.”

“Well that’s the only way,” I clarified.  “If you want my nourishing milk you’re just going to have to,” I slid open my gown to reveal more of my tits, “suck it out.”

Bobby’s eyes almost popped from his skull as he stared at my breasts.  I still hadn’t shown him my nipple but enough of my big tits were visible for him to start making his own conclusions.


“How do we know it’ll work?” he asked, coming around to the idea.

“Oh it’ll work,” I said, although in reality I had no idea.  I’d only ever been able to breast-feed him once in my life, but I’d hear stories of women being able to lactate on command.

“When can—when do you—erm—”

“We can do it right now if you like, Bobby,” I said, realizing what he was driving towards.

I walked around the counter and back towards him as he sat in the chair, looking vulnerable.  I was practically daring him to do something.

I wanted him so badly in that moment.  I wanted him to make a move.  I wanted him latched on to my tits, sucking away.  I wanted to feel that hard cock of his pierce me open.

“Well?” I asked, presenting myself in front of him.  “Would you like to try?”

He swallowed and looked at me, then back down to my large chest.  Tentatively he moved his hands forward slowly, heading for the split in my gown.

“That’s right,” I encouraged softly, keeping my hands at my side and letting Bobby do all of the work.  “Just like that.”

Bobby pinched either side of my dress and began to open it slowly, his pupils dilating as more and more of my deliciously big tits were revealed to him.  Most guys his age would kill for something like this, and here I was giving him it on a platter.  Have at it, Bobby.

He looked at me as though wondering if he should continue and I nodded simply, looking back down to his trembling hands as they opened my gown.

Bobby let out a little whimper when the fabric slid over my stiff nipples and revealed them to him.  They were tight and hard, rising on my chest at the mere thought of Bobby’s lips enveloping them.


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