Raven & Amber’s Mind Control & Hypnosis 10-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire, Raven Frost

Book Cover: Raven & Amber's Mind Control & Hypnosis 10-Pack Vol 1

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If you’re looking for the best, look no further. These 10 VERY hot, explicit mind control/hypnosis stories are NOT for the faint of heart.

Stories Included:

- Genie Hypnotized My Sister!
- Mind-Controlled Mom
- Mind Controlling My Wife & Daughter
- Mind-Controlling My Daughter Behind Her Mother’s Back!
- Mind Controlling Sis In The Backseat – While Mom Drove!
- Hypnotized Mom With A Voodoo Doll
- Mind Control Incest 1: Hypnotized My Daughter To Be My Sex Slave
- Mind-Controlled My Daughter - Then Double-Teamed Her With My Brother
- Plowing My Mind-Controlled Daughter
- Knocking Up My Mind-Controlled Daughter On My Boss' Yacht


I couldn't believe my luck. The old geezer next-door died and I was tasked with going through his house for his family.

What I found deep in the back of his closet was something so shocking I just had to nick it for myself.

It was a very life-like voodoo doll.

Of mom.


It wasn't like those old-timey wooden ones where you could barely see any resemblance. No, this one looked professionally made.

What the hell the old bastard was doing with a voodoo doll of mom, I had no idea.

But it was mine now and I was going to find out if it worked.

First thing I did, was speak to it. Would mom obey my words?

"Mom, bring me a beer. Now!" I growled at the lifelike doll. Moments later, mom came rushing in so fast it startled me, a cold brewski clutched in her hands.

"Yes, son! Here you go!" She replied, her face flushed and out of breath from running up the stairs.

Mom never ran up the stairs.


And she never gave me beer. Said I was too young.

"Is there anything else?"

My eyes cracked open wide. This doll was the real deal.

Mom stood there before me in her long-flowing dress. She had just got home from work and was getting ready to make dinner. Her pretty brown hair was done up in a severe bun and her hazel eyes shone.

"Nice bun, mom, why don't you let it down." I said, but mom frowned.

"Why would you want me to let my hair down?"

Oh, right, the doll. Lifting the doll to my face, I repeated the exact same words to its ears.

Next thing I knew, she'd pulled her hair out of her severe bun, letting her long-flowing chestnut-brown hair fall down to her pretty breasts.

My God. I just stood there for several moments just taking in the wicked idea that this stupid doll actually worked.

I could make mom do anything I wanted. Anything.

"Anything else, hon?" She asked, shaking her head and whipping her hair around.

"Yes, why don't you sit down next to me. Let's talk." I spoke to the doll.

Had the nasty neighbor used the doll? I don't remember mom going over there.

Mom shrugged, then sat next to me. "What did you want to talk to me about?"

Her motherly body was so close to mine that I became intoxicated by her sweet perfume. I hadn't been this close to mom in ages.


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