Ravaged By The Centaur

by Studly Stallion

Saving an 18-year-old virgin from a Minotaur’s clutches is hard, exhausting work. Fortunately, Fury the Centaur’s wife knows just what he needs…

Perhaps another brood-mare for his herd? Can this lustful stallion satisfy two women’s needs at the same time?

(Of course he can! He’s a stallion!)


He went back and forth between kissing them and licking their delectable pussies. Fury loved when both women started kissing his face with their cum on him.

The centaur wanted to plunge into them right then and there, but his wife stopped him.

"Don't you think she should see your massive dick first?" She inquired as she slid from the bed to under him.

"Yes!" Athena followed her example. "I've always heard centaur cock's were big." She giggled.

He rolled his eyes with a grin on his lips. Two women that just wanted to see his big cock. Just like women!

He heard his wife instructing the young virgin on how to feel his massive meat stick. When he felt his wife's fingers play along his sensitive cock, he shuddered with joy.

When he felt Athena's unsure fingers trace over his veins, he couldn't think. All he could do was stand there and let her fingers do their magic.


When they explored his cock together, he stood there with a dumb smile on his face, loving their ministrations.

"Now kiss it, lick it." Linda instructed the young virgin. "Do it like this."

To feel his wife's lips upon his cock made his blood boil. But it was nothing compared to Athena's inexperienced kisses.


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