Raping the Trailer Trash Princess

Family Incest Breeding Rape Erotica

by Ami White

After my wife went to prison, my little princess decided that she was the woman of the house and that this meant that she could nag me all the time. When she interrupted my annual poker night with my two bothers and my son to nag me about wasting money on the game, I’d had enough. I decided that if she wanted to act like my bitch, I was going to treat her like a bitch and while I was at it, why not let her uncles and brother have a shot at her too?

This 3600+ word short story is about the men in the family using spanking, oral, anal, and vaginal rape along with WD-40 to show their little princess how the woman of the house earns the right to nag. IT IS INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.


I stopped pumping my cock in and out of her mouth and just pressed the back of her head forward onto my cock, trying to get as far down her throat as possible. Her gagging throat massaging my cock felt great. I was so fucking pissed at her that I didn’t care that two of her uncles and her brother were watching.

“You wanted to throw a fit about how I spend my money? You have to earn the right to throw a fit.”

“Fuck, Dad, I should come home more often,” I heard my son, Bruno, say.

I was half drunk on Jack and Coke as well as pissed, so everything seemed like a good idea at the moment.

“You wanna throat fuck your little sister?”

“Oh fuck yeah,” Bruno responded.

“Get over here. I’ll hold onto the nasty bitch until you get in her and then it’s up to you. Don’t let her get away.”

About the Author

Hi! My name is Ami White and I write naughty, sexy stories for Snowflake Press. I hope you enjoy my taboo stories.

See you between the sheets…

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