Raping My Struggling, Fertile Daughter

HARDCORE RAPE Domination Forced Sex Punishment Daddy Daughter Erotica Daddy

by Daddy's Needs Fulfilled

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My 18-year-old daughter, Chrissy, was home from college for the holidays. She’d invited a bunch of girls over for a slumber party and they were making so much noise, my head hurt. However, it’s when the house grew unusually quiet that I grew concerned.



"I...said...suck...it," I growled low and deep. Only once had I ever used that tone with my daughter and because of that she knew never to disobey me.

Fear flashed through her eyes like a wildfire in the desert. She opened her mouth to say something, but shut it when she realized in her drunken stupor that I wasn't joking.

I moved my flag-pole erect cock toward the bed and she shivered violently as she took in the sheer size of it. The look on her 18-year-old face told me everything I needed to know. She was still a virgin.

Holy shit. This was going to be fun.


I hauled off and slapped her across the face, causing her to fall back on the bed.

With tears in her eyes, she rubbed her reddened cheeks and crawled to my cock.

"Open your lips!" I commanded as I felt my testosterone rise.


The second she did, I jammed my massive meat-stick all the way into her mouth and down her throat. She frantically tried to pull me out, but I grabbed her hair and shoved her down even further.

"Suck it, bitch!" I began pumping her choking mouth up and down my turgid pole. "You want to get into daddy's liquor cabinet and play slutty girl games? Huh?" I smacked her. "Then you're just going to have to learn the hard way."

"Mmph!" She gagged and choked on my cock as I whipped her head up and down. God did her throat feel good wrapped around my cock.

With her make-up smudged and her face full of spit, I pulled her off and pointed to the bed.

"Spread your legs for daddy. I'm going in."

"Oh my God, no!" She cried out and scuttled to do my bidding as I raised my hand. "I'm fertile, daddy!" She cried through her sobbing chokes as she opened her swollen pearl to my lustful, dominant gaze.

She tried to hide it, but I swatted her hand away. My God did Chrissy's swollen, virgin cunt look delicious. I'd warned her all her life about letting the wrong person take her virginity. Now I was going to take it for myself.


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