Raping My Pregnant Daughter

Daughter Taboo Incest Pregnancy Rape Erotica

by Amber FoxxFire

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Wayne had had enough. Knowing that his 18-year-old daughter had been knocked up by another man was just too much for him. Something inside him snapped and he had to have her in the worst way. He’d been teased by her nubile body more than any man could bear.

It was now time for him to take what she wasn’t willing to give:

Her delicious pregnant body.


"You said you'd be careful!" She screamed. "I hate you!"

"I am being careful. The baby will be fine. Trust me." I grabbed her flailing hands and pushed them back above her head as I drove my cock hard into her pregnant womb.

"Stop, daddy! Please stop!" She cried.

I covered her mouth with mine as I forced my tongue inside.

"Wrap your legs around me," I breathed into her mouth. "I want to push as far into you as possible."

She shook her head, but when I slapped her, she obeyed.

"That's a good girl! You'll learn that doing what your daddy tells you will benefit all."

"You're a monster!" She said, locking her legs around my hips.

It was a bit awkward as her belly protruded into mine. I began playing with her milky breasts and kissing her tears away as I rammed in and out of her throbbing, sopping wet pussy.

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